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4 Reasons Every Home Needs a Solar Powered Roof Ventilation

Are you looking for a cost effective way to keep your house cool during summer? Well, here’s the right solution for you – solar powered roof fans. When looking for ways to bring down the interior temperature of a house, residents often overlook the concept of Solar roof ventilation. So, what exactly does solar roof ventilation contribute to your house? Read on to find out.

What is Solar Powered Roof Ventilation?

Solar-powered roof ventilation refers to the process of improving the air circulation in the roof cavity, and reducing the build-up of heat and moisture with the help of solar roof fans. Besides being able to cool down your house, a solar roof fan can significantly improve the life of the roof.

4 Benefits of Solar Powered Roof Ventilation:

Here are some of the great ways solar roof ventilation is helpful for you:

  • Prevents Build-Up of Heat & Moisture:

The roof of our house is meant to protect us from the sunrays. With continuous exposure to sunlight, the roof of your house will collect heat and pushes it down to your interior living space. The best way to combat this issue is by installing a solar-powered roof fan. It works to prevent heat build-up at the source that is the attic. By driving away excess heat during summer, and moisture build-up during winter, you will experience great comfort in your house.

  • They Are Ecofriendly:

An obvious advantage of using a solar-powered roof fan is it doesn’t require electricity to run. By utilising the power of solar energy, the roof fan will serve its purpose without emitting greenhouse gases. Not requiring electricity means that you are also reducing your dependency on fossil fuels. Solar energy is sustainable and limitless, thus making it the perfect power source for roof ventilation.

The Maxbreeze solar powered roof ventilation comes with an optional energy storage battery, which allows the unit to operate at night!

  • Increases Your Monthly Savings:

A solar roof fan can reduce your expenses every month. As mentioned above, solar fans can protect your roof and extend its life. Besides preventing frequent roof repairs and replacements, you also get to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Now that’s a lot of dollars saved already!

  • Easy to Set Up:

What makes solar roof fans appealing is that it takes less than an hour to install and use. Since it is powered by solar energy, no complicated electric wiring is required. They are also available in different sizes, thus making it compatible for different types of roofs.

Are you interested in knowing how solar roof ventilation Sydney can cool down YOUR home on budget? Get in touch with the experts today.

How Solar Energy Benefits the Local Economy

We often hear how solar energy is great for the environment. It’s true that when more people adopt solar energy in their lives, we can collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve our natural resources. Apart from the noteworthy environmental benefits, how does solar energy positively impact our economy? Why is investing in solar panels a great idea? Keep on reading to learn the environmental and economic benefits of solar installation NSW.

Economic Benefits:

Solar energy can impact your local economy for the better. Here are some of the best benefits listed down below:

1. Lower Your Monthly Utility Bills:

The most enticing benefit of switching to solar energy, is bringing down your monthly energy bills. The energy generated by your solar power system can even out your consumption and eventually, you will be paying relatively less over time. After the solar installation NSW, you will have the option to connect the system to the utility grid, with which you can supply energy and get a good discount on your monthly bills.

2. Helpful During Emergencies:

In the event of a natural disaster such as cyclones, earthquakes, or fires, there is a huge possibility of power outage. You can contribute to your local economy by supplying solar energy from your system to the public, during a crisis. When other sources of energy aren’t available, you can still rely upon solar power to meet urgent energy demands. This greener and cleaner form of energy also helps reduce global warming and its adverse effects.

3. Incentives & Credits:

To motivate citizens to switch to solar power, the government is offering great incentives for those switching to solar power. The Feed in Tariff scheme is designed to help homeowners and businesses reduce their monthly expenses by selling excess energy. Credits will be offered to you, corresponding to the amount of kwh of energy exported to the utility provider.

4. Generate Employment Opportunities:

Another way solar energy benefits the local economy is by providing jobs for people in your community. Since more people and businesses are signing up for solar installation Sydney year after year, solar job opportunities have also been increasing as a result.

Environmental Benefits You Should Know:

  • Conventional energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas have damaging impact on local ecosystems. As solar energy is clean and renewable, it allows us to secure our natural reserves.
  • When coal and oil power plants cause air and water pollution, solar energy systems won’t emit toxic materials in any way throughout its operation.
  • Coal, nuclear, and hydropower plants use land and water extensively. Solar panels, on the other hand, can simply be installed on rooftops or in smaller areas to produce sufficient power.

The future is bright and green with solar energy. Do your bit in saving the environment – while also saving on your bills – by investing in quality solar panels. Contact the certified solar panel installers Sydney for more details.

A Beginner’s Guide to Feed In Tariff for Solar Energy Systems

In an aim to lower carbon emissions and meet the increasing energy demands, the Australian government has been offering the Feed in Tariff scheme. This arrangement is also one of the major factors that contribute to the rising popularity of solar panels Sydney. So, what exactly is Feed in Tariff, and why should homes and businesses take advantage of the same? Find out below:

What is Feed in Tariff?

If your residential or commercial property has a solar energy system installed (and connected to a grid), any excess energy produced by your solar panels shall be sent back to the grid for distribution to the public. Based on the amount of energy you supply, the utility provider will reward you credits, which will be reflected as discount on your utility bill. In other words, the payment made by the utility for purchasing electricity from you is referred to as Feed in Tariff.

Why is Feed in Tariff Important?

The Feed in Tariff scheme was introduced to meet various environmental, industrial, and economic goals. The number one priority though, is to motivate people to switch to renewable energy. Feed in Tariff makes investment in solar panels Sydney worthwhile for both homeowners and businesses, as they get to recover the costs in a few years.

With solar energy systems, customers will be more conscious about their energy consumption. While some customers receive feed-in credits for the energy supplied, others can easily monitor and bring down their energy usage by setting up an independent electricity system. Both these factors will help people lower their monthly energy expenses.

How Does It Work?

  1. A homeowner or a business can purchase high quality and durable Sydney solar panels from a recognised supplier. The photovoltaic solar panel system must be connected to the utility grid.
  2. Submit an application to the relevant state authority for the Feed in Tariff scheme. The eligibility criteria can vary from state to state.
  3. If your solar power system complies with the requirements such as size, location, etc, you will be allowed to supply energy to the grid and get credited for the same.
  4. Note that you will enter into a contract for obtaining feed-in credits based on either gross or net metering:
  • With gross metering, the entire energy produced by your system will be supplied to the grid. You will be credited for every kwh of energy provided to the utility. You’ll be paying for consuming electricity from the grid as usual.
  • As for net metering, you are allowed to use the electricity produced by your solar power system. If it generates more power, export the surplus to the grid and earn credits on a kwh basis. Should you need more electricity at any time, you can obtain it from the utility grid and pay for it accordingly.

Feed in Tariff brings your energy bills on diet, and helps you to smoothly transition to a cleaner and sustainable lifestyle. Contact a supplier offering reasonably priced solar panels for sale, if you have any questions.

What You Ought to Know About Solar Power Rebates in 2021?

Did you know if you are installing an accredited solar system such as solar panels in Sydney, you are eligible for a financial incentive from a national government scheme? This incentive is usually termed as ‘solar rebate,’ and is included as an upfront discount in the quote from the installer.

What Actually is a Solar Rebate?

Commonly called ‘solar rebate,’ is not actually a rebate, but a financial incentive paid by the Federal government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) to encourage people to reduce emissions by installing eligible renewable energy systems such as solar. Homeowners and business owners who install a solar panel in Sydney will benefit from this scheme for each megawatt-hour of eligible renewable electricity your new solar system generates up until 2030 when the scheme ends. Most people in Australia choose to take advantage of this rebate in the form of an upfront discount from their installer.

How Much Cost Does a Rebate Save You?

A solar rebate helps you save thousands of dollars on your Sydney solar system installation. The amount of money saved depends on the following factors.

  • The size of the system
  • Location
  • The current market price of STC

Home Solar Power Rebates

Over the past decade, Australians have embraced solar power at a quicker pace, and over 2.3 million solar systems were installed in 2020. This stellar increase is due to increased public awareness of the benefits of solar. The success is also due to federal and state government support schemes for solar installation and the installation of home storage batteries. All Australian households receive a subsidy for solar panels from the Federal Government, and this reduces the upfront cost of solar power systems by around 30%. However, the percentage varies from state to state.

Small Business Solar Rebates

For small businesses with a solar PV system less than 100kW, the STC program provides the option to recoup the cost of installation. In order to qualify for this scheme, the PV system must be smaller in size, installed, and approved by a Clean Energy Council installer.

Commercial Solar Rebates

Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC) are available for businesses with larger solar PV systems. Like the STC program, LGC certificates are used to recoup the cost of commercial solar installation.

Feed-in Tariffs

You may qualify for a feed-in tariff if you are willing to feed energy back into the electricity grid. By this scheme, you will receive a sum of money for the amount of energy your system sends to the grid.


Do you want to get a higher solar rebate? The solar rebates are its highest peak now and gaining the best solar rebate is possible only if you install your solar panels in Sydney sooner rather than later.

Going Solar? Is It the Right Choice for Your Business in 2021?

Thinking about going solar? As the sun is a scorching hot topic right now, the solar energy market is currently on fire. According to recent statistical data, businesses and homeowners, who switch to solar power are saving thousands in electricity costs every year by choosing to produce their own energy instead of relying on the utility companies to produce it for them.

Even after Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on everything else, 2021 has begun on a positive note for the solar power market. The growth will likely to continue throughout the year and would leave room for more solar-panel installations compared to the previous years. So, it’s wise to consider installing the best solar panels in Sydney for your business this year.

Can Solar Panels Save Your Business Money in 2021?

Yes, solar panels are one of the biggest investments you can make for your business, and you can get a high ROI, depending on the amount of power generated, and how much money it will save you.

Why Are Businesses Considering Solar Panels?

Most of the businesses in Australia are considering solar panels in NSW because,

  • Less operating costs
  • Quick ROI (mostly between 2 to 5 years)
  • Less maintenance
  • Durable
  • Adds more value to the property
  • Generates a positive response from the customers

Top Reasons to Go Solar in 2021

Financial Benefits

When installing the best solar panels with premium inverter technology, businesses see a high ROI within two years of installation. Due to the higher power output and slow degradation rate, businesses can save more money in the long run.

Another ultimate reason to go solar is a reduced energy bill. The installation of solar panels will definitely help if your power bills are high or if your energy contract is soon coming to an end.

Advanced Technology

As the years go, changes in technology and advancements are inevitable. Compared to the previous years, a myriad number of high-efficient solar panels are in the solar power market. This standard continues to grow in 2021, and you will get access to the best solar panels that are high-performing and more efficient than the previous versions.

A Sustainable Solution

Is sustainability the primary focus of your business? Installing solar panels strengthens the commitment towards your goal. The customers of today are demanding businesses to be more environment friendly, and even a small solar system can drastically reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. When you focus on sustainability, you get a positive response from your customers, and this enhances your company’s image and increases revenue.

Wrapping Up

Want to go solar in 2021? Solar energy generated by the solar panels is 100% clean, and renewable. Installing solar panels for your business does only good, and this little upgrade will bring your more business in 2021! Reach us now to know more about solar energy and solar panel deals in NSW.

Key Features to Consider When Evaluating Commercial Solar Panels

Are you considering solar panels for your business? Wondering what does ‘solar panel efficiency’ mean? How will it generate value for your business? Are there any other characteristics that should be considered when evaluating commercial solar panels? Well, read this blog to get all your questions answered!

What is Solar Panel Efficiency?

Solar panel efficiency is the amount of solar energy a solar panel is able to convert into electricity under ideal, laboratory-like conditions. Based on the type of technology used, Sydney solar panels used for commercial purposes are able to achieve a 20 to 24% efficiency rate on average.

Not all solar panels are the same, and they come with different watt rating and efficiency. With greater efficiency, you can generate more amount of power with fewer panels. Fewer panels also mean less space, low installation costs, maximum power output, and more. While you are saving money with fewer solar panels with high efficiency, there are also other factors that you must consider while evaluation commercial solar panels in Sydney.

The Durability of the Panels

The lifetime of your commercial solar panels is as important as its efficiency, especially when you are exposed to harsh Australian weather. Another important factor that must be considered along with durability is the degradation rate of the panels. Just like any other system, the performance of solar panels degrades over time. It’s estimated that a difference of even a tenth of a percentage point in annual degradation rate can have a great impact on the amount of energy your solar panels in Sydney produces during its lifetime.

The Performance of the Solar Panels

The efficiency of a solar panel is measure under lab-like circumstances, while the reality can be a little different. When these panels are installed on the roof exposed to extreme temperatures, they are unlikely to achieve their optimal efficiency, and the change in the efficiency rating depends greatly on your installation type and location. So, the solar companies in Sydney should be able to present you with the performance of the solar panels depending on the weather history in your area, the average amount of sunlight it receives, and more.

Warranty on Commercial Solar Panels

Generally, all solar panels come with typical product warranty coverage against damages, and a power warranty covering a minimum guaranteed power rating. The period of these two warranties can either be the same or different. When you evaluate the long-term financial benefits of your commercial solar panels, you must consider the costs associated with the product and power warranty claims. If both the power and product warranties aren’t concurrent, ask what will be covered by a power warranty covering a minimum guaranteed power rating.

The Bottom Line

Understanding and evaluating the solar panel efficiency is only the start of figuring out the best solar panel for your commercial solar panel installation project. You must also focus on other important features such as durability, degradation rate, and warranty to make informed decisions.

Go Solar and Boost Your Home’s Property Value

Solar energy is favoured by most of the Australian public as it emphasises renewable energy takes advantage of the abundance of sunny Australian weather. According to a recent survey, 77% of Australians think a house with solar is more valuable than those relying on traditional energy sources. The survey also reveals 57% of homeowners pay up to $10,000 more for a home equipped with solar panels. Solar panels in Sydney are among the most popular sources of renewable energy. The upfront costs associated with switching to solar might be a little higher, but purchasing and installing Sydney solar panels can generate a positive ROI.

How Do Solar Panels Add Value to a Property?

Purchasing a property with solar panels installed is an ideal option for prospective buyers looking to reduce utility bills and reduce their carbon impact. Installing solar panels in Sydney is not only an eco-friendly option but also improves the value of your property. However, there are different factors that influence exactly how much value solar panels add to your property.


The value your property increase by due to solar panel depends on the location (state and city). For example, the installation of solar panels in Sydney yields high ROI compared to less developed markets, as buyers and realtors in these areas aren’t as familiar with the benefits of solar panels.

The Number of Panels

The size of the installation of solar panels can directly influence the value of your property post-installation. The production capacity of your solar panels depends on the size of your house and the number of panels it can accommodate. According to a recent study, there is a rise of over $29,000 in the retail value of the home for a 5kW installation.

Quality of the Solar Panels Installed

The lifetime, technology used, and warranty of the solar panels vary depending on the manufacturers, and this has a direct impact on how much value gets increased in your property after the installation. So, take your time and do your research to find the right company when you are looking for solar panels for sale.

Energy Usage and Savings

Based on the energy consumption and the local cost of electricity also have a direct impact on how much value you can add post-installation. On average, Australian households use around 6000kW of electricity per year, and 60% of your 16kW usage is between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. So, installing 2.5kW a solar panel system could potentially save you up to $730 on your energy bill annually.

The Bottom Line

Whenever you add a feature to your property, there’s generally one question in your mind, “Will this actually add value to my property” Installing Sydney solar panels will add value to your property, however, you need to choose a system that suits your location and meets your power needs for effective results.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Solar Panel Installation

In the renewable energy industry, solar energy is one of the most accessible energy sources. More and more home owners are realising that tapping into the infinite energy provided by the sun has various benefits including significant savings on energy prices and environmental sustainability. However, solar energy’s increasing popularity has given rise to concerns about the cost of installing solar panels in Sydney. There are many variables that influence the solar panels cost in Sydney, here are some of them:

Roof Type

It is necessary to angle the solar panels, so that they can get full exposure to the sun. This is not a problem when the roof is right-angled but it could be an issue if the roof is flat. In such situations, the contractor would have to construct a frame in order to angle the panels. The kind of roof you have will play a role in the cost since different materials require different kinds of structures to support the panels.

Age Of The Roof

If your roof needs replacement, it makes sense to replace the roof before you mount the solar panels. This is because the installer must remove the panels when the time comes for you to actually repair the roof. Rather than incur this expense and discomfort, it is better to only get the roof replaced while the panels are being installed. Before an installation, the need to replace the roof means that the total installation of solar panels cost in Sydney increases.

Structural Issues

This is closely linked to the age of the roof, and relates to the cost of the solar panel system in the same way. You may be forced to deal with these before you can have your new roof installed. You may have to re-install the panels if you don’t do this beforehand. Neglecting to fix structural issues could lead to permanent damage to the solar panels or wiring.

License Cost

In certain areas, this procedure might cause the contractor to pay more than the normal cost as they spend more time to obtain the license. In this scenario, the contractor would pass on the extra costs of the regulatory process to you as the homeowner. This will then upsurge the overall cost that you have to pay for the installation.

System Monitoring

It is possible to set up certain systems in such a way that the home owner can control how the solar energy system functions. These tracking and monitoring systems are excellent, but the added expense of the tracking system could push up the overall installation cost.

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Myths and Facts about Solar Panel System

Demand for sustainable sources of energy is growing in order to reduce the impact of global warming exacerbated by increased emissions on our climate. We are surrounded by a plethora of renewable energies that have the potential to be used year round, especially solar energy. Though this is valid, there is still doubt about the advantages of solar energy. It is time for solar energy scepticism to be eliminated and the future outlook for it to be strengthened.

Solar Panels Do Not Work In Cold Weather

In sunny, cold, and even gloomy conditions, solar panels work. Solar panel technologies allow them to operate efficiently and effectively and are much more successful at cooler temperatures than at warmer temperatures. Furthermore, the performance of solar panels in Sydney is not hindered by cloudy weather; they can be a viable source of energy as they can still generate enough fuel. Also cold, sunny winter days produce energy at a pace equal to what you will get from hot summer days.

Solar Energy Still Functions Even When The Electricity Goes Out

Of course, the grid system often goes down if you live on the grid when the power goes out, since it is unsafe to run electricity to wires that electricity employees are trying to repair. As a result, the inverter notices that the grid has been shut down and slows down the production of electricity from solar panels.

Solar Energy Is Too Costly

In reality, if we look at figures from 2009 to 2015, solar panel investments have generally been on the rise as they become more affordable. Their total expenses have dropped by about 30%. Globally, generating electricity from solar energy is currently cheaper than it is from coal.

Installing Solar Is Quite Complicated

Actually, as long as you use a reputable manufacturer, installation of the best solar panels is reasonably straightforward. To remove any accumulated dust or dirt or snow that has been stuck on them; the solar panels will only need to be washed with water. Solar panels are built in a way that helps them; including hail, sleet, etc., to withstand harsh weather. If you have a battery-based system, more cleaning would be needed than one without it, but battery-free systems are more popular and cheaper than battery-based systems.

Solar Panels Cause Damage To Your Roof

The portion of the roof they cover by shielding and maintaining it directly benefits solar panels in Sydney. The panel can be quickly removed and needs to be fixed because they are not directly connected to the roof; they are only placed on top of it. Sealant is typically used to fill in the gaps if there are any gaps between the rooftop and the panels. In addition, the mounts are covered by “flashing” metal or coverings for an external safety shield. Before installing a new roof top, always remember to make sure your roof is damage-free.

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Solar Panel Installer – How To Pick The Right One?

It can be the most difficult aspect of your solar buying journey to select a solar installer for solar panel installation in Sydney. While solar equipment can be defined by product specification, and funding options have costs and benefits that can be measured and compared with clear assumptions, it is difficult to find solar company reviews with standard metrics.

Insurance And Licences

All required business licences and insurance plans, which differ by state and often local authority, should be available to solar installers in Sydney. General contracting, electrician, home maintenance, or home efficiency contracting licences provide traditional business licences for solar installers. Installers should also have general liability protection, at the very least.

Record And Experience Tracking

Solar is a rising market that draws practitioners from many backgrounds. Contractors who once concentrated on other forms of projects are widening their solar panel installation in Sydney. Make sure your installer has a proven solar track record when performing solar reviews. It should be possible for a solar company to address and show you systems installed for previous customers.

Business Credibility

For assessing installers, solar company reviews from past customers are fantastic, but they can be misleading. It is doubtful that a representative sample applicable to you would be customers offering ratings and feedback. A pattern of customer complaints is generally an indicator that you should deal with a different installer, but ratings and feedback may provide a check on bad behaviour.

Warranties For Workmanship

Workmanship warranties are unique to the solar energy system’s design and construction work, and usually vary from 1 to 10 years. Although you can often buy a separate contract for the operation and maintenance of your solar panel system, it is easier to pay solar panel installation cost with a solid workmanship guarantee from a qualified installer in most instances.

Trusted Advisor On The Construction Of Energy Systems

Going solar is a major investment in your house, and with your installer, you should have a good, trustworthy relationship. To understand how solar works into the energy system of your home or business, the best installers can work with you. Superior installers, meanwhile, are advisors and guides. The solar installer should be the one with whom you want to do business, as well as a specialist with the experience you expect.

Choice Of Sub-Contractors And Actual Oversight

During an installation, solar installers often rely on sub-contractors to accomplish specific tasks. The finest installers are open about how they employ sub-contractors, and whenever sub-contractors are involved in an effective supervision. These agreements can work very well when a sub-contractor brings a specific experience or has a long-standing relationship with the installer. Be cautious of any company that provides you with a contract from a concern with a different name for all its work. It is important to know exactly who is going to be standing behind your facility.