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Will Solar Panels Increase the Value of My Home?

Ever wondered if installing solar panels in your home will increase its value? Well, the answer is a resounding “yes!’. Buyers are attracted to homes with solar energy for a number of reasons, and we’re going to talk about some of those today.

A future financial benefit

One of the main reasons your home’s value increases as soon as you install solar panels is the fact that there’s a future financial benefit to buyers. Solar power is an investment, but if you decide to sell your home, that means the new owners can take advantage of free solar energy without any upfront cost.

For families entering into a mortgage situation, any financial savings are appreciated. So, considering the annual savings that solar energy presents, buyers are going to be more interested in your property, which always bumps up the selling price.

Environmentally friendly

Remember back, say, 10 or 15 years ago when everything eco-friendly seemed to cost a lot more, so it was a bit prohibitive for people to adopt a truly green lifestyle? Well, times have changed. Even if some enviro-conscious products are still a little more costly, people are far more willing to pay it because social attitudes toward the environment have changed.

As Australians, we’re becoming more and more protective of our environment, and with this comes a real desire to go solar. Residential solar is so common now that it could be the difference between making a quick sale and losing a potential buyer. Let’s say a solar system costs around $5,000. If your buyer wants solar energy and they have to install it themselves, they’re likely going to want $5,000 off the purchase price. Are you willing to risk letting them walk?

It’s a universally beneficial selling point

The great thing about solar energy from a real estate point of view is the fact that it’s universally beneficial. Many impressive house features only appeal to a certain type of person, such as pools, entertainment rooms, outdoor dining areas. Solar energy, on the other hand, benefits everybody because it provides cheaper energy bills every year. This means your solar feature is likely to attract more buyers.

Standing out in a crowded marketplace

The New South Wales housing market is crazy, with homes being purchased in record times. However, when you’re selling a home, getting a quick sale is only half of the battle; you also want to get a great price for your home. The best way to do that is to make your home stand out from the crowd. If there’s something unique about it, you have more chance of a bidding war between buyers which ultimately bumps up the price of your home.

So, even in a seller’s market, solar panels can provide the point of difference you need to stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it, if a buyer is deciding between two properties of similar size, location and price, but only one has solar panels, they’ll go with the solar panels every time. That’s because they know they’ll save a fortune on energy bills in the future, which is something they won’t get with a non-solar home.

Looking for the best solar installers in NSW?

If you’re considering adding value to your home by installing a solar system, we’d love to discuss your needs. We offer affordable residential solar packages to suit all house sizes and budgets. Contact the friendly team at Solar Path today and book a free on-site quote. We’ll analyse your existing energy habits, recommend the perfect solar system and even let you know how much you can expect to save.

Why is Solar Power the Logical Choice in Australia?

Have you wondered why so many households are making the switch to solar energy? NSW, in particular, is experiencing a boom in solar energy as customers seek to take more control over their energy consumption. Read on to find out exactly why solar is the smart choice for Australians.

Part of the clean, green revolution

Many people in Australia are concerned about the environment. One of the best ways to do your part is by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and going solar instead. By powering your home with clean, green energy from the sun, you’re already part of Australia’s clean energy revolution! As your reliance on fossil fuels decreases, so does the incentive for energy companies to continue coal-burning operations on a large scale.

Save money on energy bills

The other major reason that people choose to go solar is to save money. The most common form of solar electricity is ‘on-grid solar’. This means solar energy powers your home during daylight hours and you pay for main grid electricity when the sun isn’t shining. So, that means whenever the sun is shining, you’re not paying a cent for electricity.

If you went one step further to off-grid solar, the excess energy you generate during the day is stored in a solar battery for evening use. In this scenario, you would only pay an energy retailer for power in the event that you ran out of solar.

Future-proof against rising electricity prices

Another reason solar power is the logical choice for Australians is you can protect yourself against future energy price rises. It’s a reality of the world we live in that nothing seems to get cheaper, and that’s especially true for electricity and gas prices. We may experience occasional annual decreases, however, it’s more than likely that prices will increase as the years go on.

By going solar now, you can protect yourself against future price rises. Even if you use on-grid solar, you still save plenty of money every year. If power prices go up in the future, it won’t impact you as much because solar energy is free.

Our climate is perfect for solar energy

Australians are pretty lucky to have one of the most comfortable climates in the world. Our winters aren’t too cold, and we get plenty of beautiful sun in summer. All year round, NSW residents enjoy plenty of sunshine which can be turned into free solar energy to power your home.

Generous government incentives are available

Finally, now is a terrific time to invest in solar energy because there are so many incentives available. On a national level, there is the Clean Energy Regulator’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. This assigns you with small-scale technology certificates (STCs) depending on the location, installation date and energy production capacity of your solar system. These certificates can then be traded to offset the upfront cost of installation or as a rebate for a system you’ve already purchased.

In addition, the NSW government offers people in certain postcodes the chance to buy a solar system with an interest-free loan. Some low-income households may even be eligible for a solar installation free of charge. If that’s not enough, most energy retailers offer generous feed-in tariffs, so any solar power you don’t use is exported to the main grid and you receive a credit on your bill.

If you’d like to know more about how to purchase your new solar power system, contact the friendly team at Solar Path today. We can even schedule a free on-site quote where we can show you just how much money you could save by going solar!

10 Easy Home Updates to Conserve Energy and Reduce your Bill

Consider for a moment the daily household habits that eat into your energy bill. Before breakfast alone, you have likely used hot water, charged your phone, turned on the TV and kicked the coffee machine or kettle into gear. Within the space of mere hours, many of us interact with several energy-using touchpoints. In the current climate, there is a strong push to reduce energy consumption and lower one’s footprint. Why should you care, and how can you regain control of this usage? From installing solar panels to changing your lightbulbs, read on to find out.

Why should I care about my energy usage?

For the general public, the continued rise of energy prices is concerning. Australian household electricity rates have steadily increased since the early 2000’s due to inflated costs across the industry – from the generators to the distributors and the retailers. Minimising your energy consumption with strategic steps is a simple way to reduce the household bill instantly and any associated stress.

The environmental impact of this excessive usage is also of great concern. Most of Australia’s electrical energy comes from burning fossil fuels, namely, coal (75%). This process contributes significantly to harmful greenhouse gas emissions, speeding up the global warming process and detrimentally impacting public health. An energy-efficient and conscious home strives to reduce its environmental footprint and promote necessary change.

Here are the top 10 ways to reduce energy usage around the home, with something for every budget and living situation.

1. Change your lighting.

Traditional light bulbs eat up electricity and fail to last. Simply switching to energy-efficient LED globes instead will save up to 80% on lighting costs. They consume less power and function for longer (between 3 -25 times), making them a win-win solution. Moreover, if you only need a small amount of light, consider using lamps above overhead lighting.

2. Install skylights.

Reduce the need to flick the switch by installing skylights in your home. Embrace natural light – which comes free of charge – to avoid additional power, particularly during daylight hours. Our MAXLIGHT® Skylight Series is one of the most advanced Australian offerings and allows the sunshine to stream through even the most restrictive inner-city homes.

3. Be smart about heating.

Heating the home during winter is another power-hungry practice; turning on the blasting warm air to heat our toes comes at great expense. In fact, 22% of energy use comes from household heating and cooling, so use it wisely. Add extra layers, a blanket or two, use door snakes. Maintain the room temperature between 18 and 21 degrees – each degree higher on an air conditioner will potentially add up to 10% on running costs.

4 Choose appliances wisely.

Thank the Energy Star rating system for making our household appliance shopping a little easier. Essentially, the more stars, the more efficient the appliance is, compared to other similar-sized models. Look for a well-rated fridge, washing machine, dryer and oven for starters. Often those with a better rating are more expensive initially, but the flow-on effects and longevity of the appliance quickly reap the benefits. On average, it costs 9-25% less to run an energy-efficient option.

5. Adjust your behaviour.

Some simple changes don’t involve manual labour, new purchases or renovations at all. Adjusting your behaviour and actions is a no-hassle way to kickstart energy efficiency. Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room. Consider whether the overhead light is necessary before flicking the switch. Try to use appliances less frequently (even the energy-efficient), particularly the clothes dryer. Turn off power points. Consider everything.

6. Purchase a smart power strip.

A smart power strip will cut power to your electronic device when not in use, reducing the “phantom load” (i.e. standby power). Approximately 75% of the energy used by a plugged-in appliance or device generates when it is turned off.

7. Make clothes washing more efficient.

Even with an Energy Star-rated washing machine and dryer, further steps will ease consumption; it’s all about your usage. Be mindful: don’t wash clothes unless they are dirty, always use the cold cycle (and for the shortest time possible), only wash when the machine is full, dry clothes outdoors when possible. Make every load count.

8. Consider your water system and usage.

Many of us use electricity to pump hot water into our homes – for showering, bathing, washing dishes, and more. 37% of our energy usage derives from this element alone. The first step is to minimise the use of hot water, particularly when it is unnecessary. Take shorter showers and turn off the tap when it isn’t needed.

9. Upgrade to energy-efficient windows, doors and roofing.

Reduce heat escaping from the home with specially-designed windows and doors that promise to hold the heat. Windows alone can account for 25% of the heating bill due to the loss of warmth. Seal any leaks and gaps as a stepping stone. Additionally, make sure your ceiling insulation is up to standard to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

10. Add solar panels.

Last but definitely not least, add solar panels. They’re environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and major cost-savers. Invest in a home upgrade that will give back and generate an annual return on investment. Let the sun be the source of your daily household energy needs.

Start with one of these ideas or shoot for all. Take control of energy bills and reduce consumption, along with your environmental footprint. Get in touch with us today to find out more about powering your home with solar energy.

The Benefits of Going Solar for Every Industry

Is solar installation NSW worth a penny? Well, we all have this question on our minds.

One of the highest sources of expenses or costs of business is the electricity. Being dependent on commercial power means you are going to follow their electric rate fluctuations. As the power price increases, it will surely have a significant impact on every business profit margin. However, businesses may consider the benefit of having solar installation Sydney to lessen their expenses.

Nowadays, many businesses and households are now partnering with solar panel installation Sydney to achieve its benefits. On top of that, the latest research shows that 21 million households are now using renewable energy. As of 2021, there is a 2.8% increase in solar installation Sydney. This just shows that going solar is becoming the mainstream alternative energy source in Australia.

You may also hear that the leading companies in the city are now converting to solar installation NSW. With the massive effect of solar power on every industry today, the market has dropped the prices for solar power installation to create an excellent offer and help everyone experience its benefits. Many small and big scale businesses take this as a huge opportunity to have.

Below are some of the benefits from partnering with the solar panel installers Sydney today.

Cut down business overhead costs.

Like any other business proprietor, cutting overhead costs is a big deal. Business overhead costs include expenses that are outside of wages and operational materials. In managing a business, you have to pay for supplies, insurance, property maintenance and security. The only utility expense that you have control of is your electric energy costs.

Based on the reported reviews of getting solar-powered sources, the average that it can reduce your cost is around three-quarters. Switching to renewable energy from the best solar panel installation Sydney company is a big help to reduce your electricity bills.

It has longevity and sustainability effects.

Turning to solar sources or renewable energy is highly sustainable. Solar installation NSW companies guarantee that solar panels have a lifespan of more than a decade. This is one of the reasons why many industries have been cooperating with solar installation Sydney firms to achieve a significant future sustainability effect on their businesses.

Energy Independence

Converting your business to a solar-powered system will bring you independence from the commercial energy supply. Contacting the best solar panel installers Sydney will help you detach your monthly expenses from local power companies.

Solar panels Sydney: Cleaning to keep them running

Solar energy, the new green is the white rays from our sun which is most often there than not when we need it. Solar panels don’t generate electricity all the time, but rather it generates electricity when it’s most needed –  which is during the day and during hot sunny periods.

Sydney solar panels have been a common sight among Australian households, especially with renewable energy becoming a rising use in the country. Though even with this development going on for years, many homes that have solar panels for sale neatly placed on their roofs face struggles in maintaining and cleaning them.

Solar panels sydney companies emphasise how solar panels are zero-waste and pollution-free compared to other forms of electricity, though some households have struggles in maintaining the efficiency of these tools.

Cleaning Sydney solar panels can be a tedious task, dust, smog, dirt, and sand could easily hinder the use and generation of electricity from sunlight. When that happens, the panels in the long term could end up not working at its max capacity or even at worse, cause future additional equipment that works with it be rendered useless by the end.

When eyeing solar panels for sale, owners should also note down proper solar panel cleaning procedures as part of their research. This ensures that in the long run they can save money and time.

When and how?

Solar panels sydney companies have in their manuals that state to clean solar panels at least once a year. Some even add into their contracts annual inspections that can aid in the maintenance process if needed.

Most cleanings are done by the end of winter when the clouds clear up. This is because after the season, Sydney solar panels might not function properly after a period of not being used to its maximum capacity. So companies check the output levels of electricity with the return of the sun to test.

Though the procedure can be rather dangerous, as it can be when dealing with appliances that generate electricity or even run on it. To keep the cleaning procedure safe for owners, it would be better to clean the panels in the evening to avoid touching the panels after they’ve absorbed enough solar power.

Other than that, cleaning solar panels for sale is as easy as a wash with simple warm water, soft cloth, a squeegee, and dish soap. In fact, those are the must-haves to clean the panels at night. Just be sure to clean it with gentle movements. If households are still worried in cleaning or not sure how to go about it, some services do exist to handle the cleaning themselves.

So while it is good for the environment, handling solar panels can take some extra work – proper care and maintenance to ensure the lengthy and efficient function of what could be tomorrow’s light source for everyone.

Sydney Solar Panels a Growing Trend Amidst the Covid Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has brought a lot of challenges to households across the world. Many people lost their sources of living with the series of lockdowns every now and then. Families from various social classes are facing financial challenges due to the pandemic.

With the current situation that we are facing at the moment, most Australian households are trying different methods to cut their family costs. Being cost efficient is not just about cutting costs at the moment. It is important to implement measures that are beneficial to the household for years. One of the best and popular ways to do this is to be cost efficient with the electricity usage through the use of Sydney solar panels.

Sydney Solar Panels

In a recent report released by the Australian government, it mentioned that the country is the leading user of solar energy in the world with the total number of small solar battery and PV systems reaching around 2.77 million in March 2021. This trend is impressive as the use of solar energy technologies is not just cost efficient but environment friendly too as they do not produce any greenhouse gas emission.

The leading solar panels Sydney companies are a major driver to this trend because they offer premium quality Sydney solar panels from topnotch brands. Solar panels for sale in the state are of industry standards to ensure that residents can maximise the systems and use them for a long time. The best solar panels Sydney firms guarantee that the households and businesses can profit from the investments that they made from availing the different solar panels for sale near them.

Cost and Return from Investing in Sydney Solar Panels

Transitioning to renewable solar energy for your household or office may be a little costly but the return of the initial investment is also high. Nowadays, solar panels Sydney firms estimate the basic installation of the systems to be about $3,500. The good news is that the prices of solar panels for sale in the country is going down as the demand for the technology continues to rise leading to the need for mass producing solar power systems.

How soon can a household start to feel the returns or financial benefits from its investment? Some experts agree that solar PV technologies’ payback time will start normally after three years.

Other Facts to Know Before Transitioning to Solar Power Technologies

Using a solar power system in the office or home is a long-term decision and investment. Hence, it is crucial to make a wise decision.

Among the basic things to know is that solar power technologies can only power appliances and gadgets that run on electricity. This means that appliances that use gas to run will not be covered. So, before having solar power systems, ensure that you replace your gas-powered appliances with the electrical ones to maximise the solar panels’ benefits. Remember that solar panels Sydney will help you cut costs, but you have to weigh every factor to be sure that you make a sound judgment call.

How Far Does Solar Installation Sydney Can Keep Your Savings?

One of the greatest inventions and life-changing innovations that humans made is electricity. Without electricity, life will not be easier and more comfortable as it is right now. However, with the high cost of electricity today, consumers are now thinking about reducing expenses from their daily electricity consumption.

The average Australian house electricity usage today is around 18 kilowatts (KW) per day. A great 40% of electricity consumption comes from heating and cooling and 14% for miscellaneous appliances such as washing machines, dishwashing and other entertainment.

One of the best ways to try to cut costs is by doing off the grid and switching to renewable energy. Today, we have a lot of renewable energy to use. These include wind energy, geothermal energy and solar power energy. Changing your electricity consumption with the help of solar installation NSW is the right action to do. The best solar panel installation Sydney can help you lower the cost of daily energy usage at your place.

The renewable power from the leading solar installation Sydney firms has provided great help to many homes to change their source of electricity to more cost-effective energy.

Here are the benefits that your family can enjoy from investing in a solar installation in Sydney

Financial Savings

Most people who invest in solar panel installation have experienced drastically lower or zero electricity bills in their monthly payment. Electricity plays a big part in our monthly expenses. Generating your free power will reduce your utility bills, which means your household can save a lot of money. Here are two reasons why solar power energy panels will keep your savings safe from monthly or yearly expenses.

  • The solar installation NSW can save you from rising energy costs. Every year, all prices go up all over the world. By installing solar panel energy today from the leading provider solar panel installers Sydney can help you lock the price from your monthly expense in energy consumption. Using solar power can protect you against future increases in electricity costs.
  • Installing solar energy from the best solar panel installers Sydney will be the basis in keeping a high amount of property value. Solar panels from Sydney are known for their high quality and durable products for solar energy power. Homes will be entirely solar independent from any electricity use.

Suppose you plan to sell the house with ready installed solar energy panels. The selling price will add up its value and buyers can expect an increased price value. However, that will only cost a one-time payment. After that, buyers can thoroughly enjoy the benefits of having their own generated solar energy power in their daily use.

Environmental Benefits

By availing the solar power panels from the best solar installation NSW at your place, you can help minimise air pollution or carbon emission from electricity. This way, installing solar panels will reduce pollution and save the environment to have cleaner air.

Solar Energy: Affordable and Clean Source Of Power

Climate change has affected the entire planet. If this phenomenon continues and gets worse, probably in the next century, the human race will be on the brink of extinction. Scary isn’t it? Fortunately, leaders in the world have been made aware of the situation and are already doing something to prevent it from happening. Though it’s still not 100% working, at least a reduction of any percent is already a big help.

Sun rays have become hotter compared to years ago. And since humans are highly-intellectual species, we were able to take advantage of the sun by using its power; a power that is generated by solar panels. It frees the electron from the atom which the electron’s flow is electricity and then captured by the solar panels giving us electric current. Basically, it converts solar energy to electric current that can be used in our homes. So, you are already saving some money yet saving the environment.

Solar energy has already been proven to be a clean and affordable source of power for your home. It is used as a viable option for many consumers today as a replacement for their power source. Solar installation Sydney requires a certified individual. This is something that we cannot do on our own. Having certified solar panel installers Sydney would make you feel safe rather than getting someone who claims they can do the installation. Solar panel installers Sydney is a group of experts that have extensive benefits of solar panels. After the solar installation Sydney, they can provide you some useful tips on how to use the panels more effectively.

Before installation, some paperwork should be done like permits and other documentation. After that, solar panel installers Sydney will be asking for some basic information including the use of your electricity. This helps them to adjust the package accordingly based on your needs. Afterward, solar power installers Sydney will survey your area. This is crucial as they will also check if your roof can handle solar panels. Once the solar power installers Sydney gather all the information they need, you will be given a proposal for the solar installation Sydney.

This proposal will contain how many solar panels you can have based on the structure of your house and your power consumption. Following the approval of the proposal will be the solar installation Sydney done by solar power installers sydney. It’s better to arrange your schedule for the whole day so that you will be there when they are installing the panels in your home. After installation, experts will provide some helpful tips in case a scenario happens and when is the best time to call help.

Solar Energy Today, Solar Roof Ventilation

With the surge of renewable energy in our day-to-day appliances, let’s not forget how we started out in finding ways to convert the sun’s rays to now having solar panels be a common sight in our private and public properties. With now the rise of solar roof ventilation, a simple and renewable solution in protecting your home and cooling your space.

The top solar roof ventilation Sydney companies to this day continue to find and make use of solar energy, aiming to be environmentally sound and money-saving for more people to adapt. From solar powered electricity, water heating, and even operating skylights through solar means,  the solar roof ventilation Sydney companies all aim to improve air circulation, reduce heat and moisture build up in homes, and ultimately to have an environmentally sound and efficient home.

After all, with most solar run products being green products on their own, the energy they absorb and store for the day is enough to get back your costs for energy. As such, the Maxbreeze solar powered roof ventilation especially is the best for this.

Primarily powered completely by free solar energy, the sleek and efficient MaxBreeze roof vent is compact, quiet, and powerful – a perfect fit for your family’s needs, while being able to rotate to face the sun, making it easy to install in any location. All to keep up to date with the needs of Australian homes and families – the highest standards for quality and functionality for green energy.

Though what makes the Maxbreeze solar powered roof ventilation stand out especially is its ability to add an optional battery by the evening called the Energy Storage Battery, which is still charged by solar power, making the unit operate even at night. Compared to other ventilation units who can only run for a certain period, this special unit ensures that whatever time of the day, you’re staying green and clean in your energy consumption.

Perhaps with this new addition introduced by Maxbreeze solar powered roof ventilation, being able to store solar power could become the new norm for solar-power devices not just limited to ventilation while introducing the new generations to energy sustaining products as early as now.

So perhaps the next solar roof ventilation Sydney upgrade your home is looking for is to let it last even through the moon’s phases – not to mention the 15-year warranty it has as one of the best solar roof ventilation units in Australia.

How Does Roof Ventilation Help Maintain Our Houses?

Roof ventilation plays a significant role in the construction of houses, buildings and other forms of infrastructure. Roof vents are effective installations that regulate the temperature within your property. Having proper ventilation prevents too much heat and building up of moulds that can eventually cause damage to your roof and other roofing materials.

Different Types of Roof Vents

There are many different kinds of roof vents such as the ridge vent, soffit vent, cupola vent and gable intake vent. However, the most commonly used roof vent is the turbine vent or what we sometimes called as the whirlybird. It is like a spinning dome that is commonly installed on the roof of industrial buildings.

Roof vents are not just important to our houses but also to our daily lives. There are so many factors that can damage our roofs; weather, wind, debris, critters and UV rays to name a few. This is why we have to reach out to the best ven companies as they are experts in this matter.

Factors That Can Damage the Roof

The weather and temperature in Australia is extreme. Summers in Australia can reach around 20°C to 35°C temperature on the average. On top of this high temperature, your summers can be hotter with the humidity reaching up to 65%. In contrast to summer, during the winter the temperature plays around 3°C to 20°C. These factors alone will surely affect the shingles of your roofing leading to mould accumulation and roof brittleness.

Even the comfortability of being in your house will be affected. Don’t sacrifice the convenience of living in a comfy home. The different solar roof ventilation systems are there to make our lives easier. The maxbreeze solar powered roof ventilation will smartly ease your worries about possible problems you might encounter due to poor roof ventilation.

By installing solar powered roof ventilation, you will surely reap immense benefits. It will truly help the roof and house to be secured from any damages.

Reduced Electricity Bills: Top Benefit From Solar Roof Vents

With technological advancements throughout the years, we now have powered roof vents as compared to the traditional cupolas that we used to regulate roof temperature in the past.  Most roof vents are effective, but they use electricity to run. It will then increase our electric bill.

No worries. There is still a way for you to install a powered roof vent without blowing your electricity bill up so high. We now have solar roof ventilation  systems, which are roof vents that are powered by the sun.

The great thing about this kind of solar powered roof vent is that it will help you save electricity by at least 30%. Besides being solar generated, one of the reasons why it will help you save energy is that these roof vents operate very smartly. It will immediately start as soon as its sensor picks up high temperature inside the roof.

In addition to lowering the electricity bill, the  solar panels help the environment. How? Since the solar panels generate energy from the sun, it doesn’t give off carbon dioxide that can result in global warming.