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Tips for Buying Solar Power Systems

Many Australians are investing in solar power systems. In fact, house owners are outfitting their roofs with solar panels. Installing solar power systems is an excellent way to generate electricity for your house and business without affecting the environment.

Buying solar products for your house can be a very exciting experience. Going green and saving money is something you should be happy about. But, you shouldn’t fall for the marketing gimmicks and advertisements. Solar products are a substantial investment, so it is essential to focus on the important aspects of your purchase. You can’t just buy a solar system for home just like that. Yes, there are certain things you need to consider before investing in solar power systems. Keep in mind, not all solar systems are created equally. It differs from one brand to another based on several factors.

Here are a few tips for buyingsolar products


You need to consider the certification before buying a solar power system, and it applies to solar products, especially to the purchases that attract government rebate. The certification indicates the type of testing the particular solar panel has undergone.


When buying solar power systems, it is essential to choose the one that has a longer warranty period. Most of the manufacturers provide an average of 10-12 years warranty. Also, you need to ensure the solar systems have performance warranties. Generally, solar systems will have 25 to 30 years of performance warranty.


It is another crucial factor that you need to consider when buying a solar system for home. Durable systems will save money from the replacements all the time, which could become troublesome over time. The climate in Australia is hash, so the durability of solar system should be considered to avoid downtime.


The efficiency of a solar system is one of the most significant factors you need to consider before investing in it. If you want to get most out of your solar power systems, then you need to get more output from the device, and it should be efficient enough to satisfy your energy needs. The more efficient the solar system is, the more power you could generate and save money.


The size and suitability of the solar system must be considered. Pick a size that fits your roof or house. You need to get the optimal position for solar power. You can’t just buy a solar power system that is too big or small for your house. The dimensions of the panels should fit the side of the roof where you’ll be installing it.

As you see, these are the factors you need to consider before purchasing a solar product. For more details about solar power systems prices, contact our team.

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panel Kits

Solar energy technology is no more a future trend. It’s here and slowly revolutionising the consumer market. While there are many good reasons why many are turning to solar, reducing the carbon footprint and cutting energy costs are the most common reasons. Going solar is the best thing you could do to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Whether you want to go solar for personal, economic, or environmental reasons, you could reap the benefits of solar energy.

If you are new to the eco-friendly industry, there is no better way to start than with the solar panel kits. Over the past few years, solar panel kits have become popular as many want to preserve the environment while saving money. Not only that, solar panel kits are also affordable and easy to install.

What should you look for in solar panel kits?

A solar panel kit consists of solar panels bundled with essentials that you’ll need to assemble, install, and run your solar energy system. It’s a dream come true for people who want to switch to solar energy without spending much on installation as it allows for DIY installation.

The solar kit is a great choice for people who are looking to power RV appliances, a small off-grid cabin, and other small electronics. Large load kits are also available, which is capable of handling the entire energy consumption of a small household. Based on your needs, there is a solar kit out there that can meet your energy needs.

The type of solar power kit you choose to install should be based on how well you are technically strong. If you know about wiring and panels, it’s quite easy to install and run a solar power system.

When buying solar panel kits, check the reviews and ratings of a solar panel so that you could determine how efficient the solar panel is. Not all solar panel kits are equally created. It varies from one brand to another.  So, it’s worth looking at the efficiency rating of the solar kits you are planning to purchase.

Also, check the manufacturer’s warranty. If the manufacturer is reputable, then you could expect the solar panels to last for a long time and make you a profit. However, ensure the manufacturer is still operating, and you get enough support from the supplier if something goes wrong with the system.

You should also figure out the wattage requirement so that you could choose the right solar panel kit that suits your energy needs. The kits are available from 50W to 265W. Whether for an off-grid mobile site or household, you’ll find one.

Are you looking for solar panels? We’ve got you covered. We offer the best solar panels for house that are sourced from the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers. Call us for more details.

Should You Switch To Solar Energy?

Solar energy is nothing new. But, only now are we ready to accept the transition to a low-carbon economy due to the consciousness of fossil fuels and their impacts on the environment, which is a significant cause of global warming. Thanks to the continuous innovation in solar energy technology!

As the cost of solar energy in Sydney continues to fall, many households are turning to renewable electricity sources. Residential solar is the most affordable and abundant of these. But, should you also switch to solar energy? Here are some of the valuable reasons why should you consider solar energy in Sydney:-

A Free Source of Energy

The sun gives us more energy which is free. Of course, there is an initial outlay and solar panel installation cost. But, once solar panels are installed on your roof, you could achieve the independent energy status and save a lot of money, that would otherwise go into the energy company’s pocket. Unlike other energy sources, you can’t run out of solar energy. Solar energy is accessible and free as long as we live.

Better For Environment

With solar energy, you could significantly reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Yes, unlike other energy sources, solar power has the least negative impact on the environment. Solar energy doesn’t emit greenhouse gases nor does it pollute the water. Besides, it requires very little water for maintenance compared to nuclear plants that need 20X times more water. Go green is trending! We have abused mother earth as much as possible. If you want to bring changes, be the change. Even if no one has installed a solar panel in your community, don’t hesitate to go solar.

Reduce Energy Bill

Do you know using solar panels instead of relying on utility company can reduce the energy bill by up to 50% per month? Yes, if you are generating your own electricity, you’ll be saving a lot of money. When you have solar panels, most of the energy generated from the sun could be used to power your house, except when there is rain or thunderstorms. Only in such situations, regular electricity provided through the local electricity company will be used as a backup. So, obviously, you could save on your electricity bills.

Low Maintenance

Grid-connected solar PV systems require low maintenance. With a regular check-up by a licensed professional and occasional cleaning, a solar panel could last around 25 years. It’s the inverter that will require replacement at least once in that period.

As you see, there are many good reasons why you need to switch to solar energy. Need more information on solar quotes in Sydney? Contact our team. We provide a comprehensive quote without any hidden costs.

Insights on Solar Panel Efficiency

Do you know more than two million Australian households now have rooftop solar panels with a combined capacity exceeding 10 GW? Yes, solar energy in Australia is booming, and installations continue to rise. However, when it comes to solar panels, still some are sceptical as it is a significant investment and are much concerned about the solar panel efficiency. Well, if you are one among the Aussies worried about the efficiency of solar panels, this blog will help you understand better.

Are Solar Panels Worth Investing?

For those who are seeking cleaner energy sources, harnessing the power of the sun could be one of the best options. Of course, the prospect of cutting down energy bills through the latest developments in solar energy is a great idea. But the initial investment can make you think whether solar in Sydney is really worth investing? Well, to understand how you can be benefited from solar energy, the solar panel efficiency must be considered.

What You Need To Know About Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency is one of the significant factors you need to consider when shopping for solar panels. So, what is solar panel efficiency? Well, it is a measurement of solar panels’ ability to convert the sunlight into electricity that can be used. According to research, solar panels are roughly between 15% and 18% efficient. Yes, while 15% to 18% of the sunlight is converted into electricity, rest hits the solar panel and warm the surface. The higher the efficiency rating, the more sunlight the solar panel could convert into electricity. That said, there are a lot of factors that affect the solar panel efficiency.

What affects the solar panel efficiency?

Solar panel efficiency is affected by several factors, including the solar panel materials, solar panel age, and the type of solar panel.

The type of solar panel

Thermal and photovoltaic panels are the two types of solar panels. While thermal panels capture the sunlight and operate efficiently in warm climates, photovoltaic panels separate electrons with the energy from sunlight, and then the electricity is used to power the house. Photovoltaic panels are commonly used for residential solar.

Solar Panel Materials

Monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and multi-junction solar cells are the three major solar panel materials. Monocrystalline silicon is the more common and efficient material.


If sunlight is reflected away from a solar panel, the efficiency of the solar panel will be reduced. That’s why the glass layer on top of the panel is important.

Average sun exposure, solar energy system design, solar plans, and regular maintenance are the other factors that influence the efficiency of your solar panels.

As you see, the solar panels you choose determine the solar panel efficiency, and it is indeed worth investing. Get help from the professionals while choosing the solar panel for your house.

If you are interested in solar panels, we got you covered. We offer the best solar panels that are sourced from the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers. Call us for more details.

Know the Advantages of Rooftop Solar Panels

Are you thinking about going green? Installing solar panels on the roof top is a great way to cut your energy expenses and save more power. Solar panel on the roof also reduces carbon emissions and minimises your dependence on fossil fuels. Below we’ve compiled a few benefits of installing solar panel on the roof.


Solar power systems harness the power of the sun, and by installing them, you are reducing your carbon footprint and increasing renewable energy generation.

Reduce Your Utility Bills

When you get solar power systems installed on your rooftop, you can reduce your energy bills. The amount you will save depends on the size of the panel and your electric usage. Installing solar panels for the house not only helps you in reducing your electric bills but also grants you income for any surplus power you generate by supplying it to the grid. It’s termed as ‘feed-in-tariff’.

Increase the Value of Your Property

Installing a solar power system to your rooftop increases the value of your property. For example, if you install a solar panel of 5kW, it could add approximately $29,000 to the value of a house.

Low Maintenance

Generally, solar panels don’t require a lot of maintenance, and all you have to do is to keep them clean. In addition to the initial cost of installation, you can expect minimal spending on maintenance and repair work.

Save You from Power Outages

When you rely on the electricity supplied by the power grid, you are susceptible to the power outages experienced by the grid. However, solar system for home has a battery system for power storage and use, so you will not lose power during a power outage. It will continue to supply power to your building’s electrical system for as long as the sun is shining and your battery backups are functioning correctly.

Low Installation Cost

Unlike other systems, solar panels are incredibly affordable. Nowadays the costs have reduced by a whopping 23% comparative to the last five years. You can also now finance your solar panels with a loan, buy it outright with cash, and more.

Solar energy is a reliable source of power, and you can count on it for your residential or commercial use. Make sure to choose designs that adhere to any rebates or incentives that you may wish to use to help you make your panels more affordable.

Top Reasons to Accelerate the Shift to Green Energy

Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, many countries have imposed strict lockdowns and other restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. This includes travel restrictions, business closures, work-at-home options, and more. The virus has also made a great impact on the energy sector. According to the World Resources Institute, Global energy use is predicted to fall 6% over the course of 2020.

Climate scientists also have told the BBC that the Covid-19 pandemic is a “huge opportunity” to fast-track Australia’s shift towards green energy. Reports also add that the use of renewables is increasing in Australia year-on-year and in the last year, 24% of all electricity generated came from renewable sources.

A Nationwide analysis from live monitoring systems shows a 105% increase in Aussie household electricity in Q1 2020 as compared to 2019, a spike resulting from the lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic. But, homes that have solar power systems are more likely to save money on their bills.

So, if you are thinking about choosing green energy for your residential or commercial property, here are a few reasons to go solar.

  • Installing solar power systems helps you to generate your own energy and frees you from depending entirely on energy companies to brighten up your residential or commercial premises. When combined with high energy battery backups and storing of excess energy to use during emergencies, this makes your household more self-sufficient instead of relying entirely on energy from the grid.
  • With solar rebates and other plans available, you can get flexible financing options that cover solar power systems prices and allow you to save money in the long run.
  • When you install solar power systems, you can offset high energy usage and save more on utility bills.
  • Solar panels are eco-friendly, harness the energy of the sun to power your home or business without contributing to local air pollution.
  • Solar panels have a long life span of 40 years and can be recycled once they reach the end of their life.
  • Solar energy is a true renewable energy source that can be harnessed in all areas of the world and is available every day.
  • Solar energy can be used for diverse range of applications from electrical energy to heat energy.
  • It requires less maintenance, as you only need to keep them relatively clean to maintain its maximum efficiency.
  • Solar panels are silent and do not emit polluting gases.

The Bottom Line

Solar power is 100% clean and reduces your dependence on oil, coal and natural gas for electricity production. It also eliminates the emission of harmful gases that affect the quality of air, water & soil, which are responsible for global warming. So, now is the right time to go solar and we are here to help every step of the way.

What is Solar Rebate and How to Claim It?

Australia receives more sunlight and has a mix of favourable conditions to support the choice to switch to solar power. The mostly sunny climate makes solar panels more productive and increases the savings per kilowatt-hour produced. Australia also has solar rebates that make solar panels affordable and easier to buy. The national solar rebate benefit applies for solar panels, solar water heaters and heat pump systems.

Australian Government Solar Rebate

Some Australians believe that the Australian solar rebate ended in 2019, but this isn’t true. The Government has lowered the rebate amount slightly, but it continues to run until 2030. Reduction in rebates is a normal part of the rebate plan and depends on the total energy output between the years in which the solar system starts operating and the end of 2030.

Small Scale Technology Certificate

A solar system gets a Small scale Technology Certificate for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours of estimated production. Large solar panel installation in Sydney and solar systems in sunny places get more STCs.

New South Wales Solar Rebate 2020

In addition to the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, there are many other incentive options available at different states and territories. The New South Wales’ Empowering Homes program provides loans up to $14,000 for solar battery systems and up to $9,000 for adding batteries to existing solar PV systems. This benefit is available for households with an income of $180000 per year. Another incentive program on trials in New South Wales is aimed at Solar for Low Income Households, and it offering to give 3-kW solar systems to 3000 homes in specific areas of NSW. This program is available to most people except for holders of a Pensioner Concession Card or a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card.

Eligibility Criteria for Solar Rebate

  • The solar installation must be done 12 months before STCs are created.
  • Must meet Australian standards of solar panel installation and any local requirement at the state, territory, or municipal level.
  • Use solar panels approved by the Clean Energy Council
  • The maximum installation capacity must be 100kW, and annual production must be less than 250000 kWh.
  • Solar panel installation must be done by a Clean Energy Council accredited solar contractor.

How to Claim Solar Rebate?

Depending on the program, the requirements for a solar rebate in Australia vary, and you must get approval for your solar system before beginning the installation process. You can find the installation and documentation requirements from the Australian Clean Energy Regulator to earn STCs. Depending on the STCs, you can choose between a registered agent or claim & sell on your own. However, you can claim a large rebate upfront when you choose a registered agent. When STCs are claimed and sold by the solar system owner, the financial benefit is spread between the year of installation and 2030.

Talk to our experts now to know more about solar rebates and solar panel installation cost in Sydney.

12v Solar Panels are a Better Choice Compared to Higher Voltages

Need access to power on the go? Searching for outlets at the last minute to charge laptops and smartphones? 12v solar panel has come to your rescue!

12v solar panels offer portable power that’s readily available whenever you need it. From portable heaters to off-grid lighting, you can reuse these solar panels and power them again and again. They come to your rescue when you are travelling for work, outside of home, or even on a camping trip. These devices harness the power of sun quickly, are easily charged up, and are ready to supply the power you need whenever or wherever necessary.

Why the 12v Solar Panel is the Right Choice?

Today, most consumers prefer 12v solar panel compared to other more static solar panels. If you are wondering why the 12v solar panels have gotten such a huge fan base, it’s because the 12v solar panels are the most scalable solution. Moreover, if one of the panels gets damaged, there are no additional repair costs. Unlike with a huge solar panel, you can expect a significant quote if any of its parts get damaged.

There are different types of 12v solar panels in Sydney, some of which are sturdy, weather-resistant, and ideal for any challenging conditions while others are light-weight, flexible, and can be installed on irregular surfaces too.

Reasons to Use 12v

The 12v solar panels are considered to be a better choice than any higher voltages because of the following two reasons:

  • Battery operation
  • Scalability

The majority of the customer-grade batters are 12 volts, and using the 12v solar panels do not require any changes in voltage. You can easily switch from solar panel power to battery power without using an inverter.

As stated earlier, 12v solar panels are also the most scalable, and you’ll get more installation options. With 12v solar panels, up-scaling to a higher-voltage system is not a problem. You can connect your solar panels in parallel for a 12v system, pair two panes in series and wire them parallel for a 24v system, wire three sets in parallel for 36v system, and so on.

The above two reasons make 12v solar panels as the best option for off-grid consumer use.

Applications of 12v Solar Panel

The 12v solar panel, rated as the best solar panels, can be used in a wide range of applications including motorhomes, cabins, campsites, and more. It can also be used in vehicles such as golf carts, engine starters and more, to help you get where you need to go effectively.

Solar panels aren’t just for rooftop set ups anymore! You can now get access to a portable solar panels that can be used for basic, everyday needs.

Tips on Choosing a Solar Panel Company

Solar panels are a long-term investment. This is why finding the right one for your home requires due diligence, and a thorough vetting procedure. But how do you pick from the dozens of solar energy companies? If you feel overwhelmed by your options or are not sure how to get started, use this helpful guide below to find the right solar supplier.

Create a List of Available Solar Providers

The best way to compare solar panel companies is to build a database that includes information of all potential suppliers. Compile a list of available solar providers near you using a single Word document, or with a paper sheet and a pen. Make sure to include both the small, local and national businesses that serve your area.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Local Installer

It’s important to be aware of the differences between choosing a local business and a national company when looking at your options. Larger companies are typically more reputable and can propose a variety of services. However, they will also require a premium payment for said services. On the other hand, local businesses are more likely to be more familiar with the rebates and permit requirements in your state. As they serve fewer locations and clients, the process can move a lot faster, potentially allowing you to discuss pricing quotes, servicing and installation appointments sooner.

Check Company Credentials

In most cases, company experience is far more important than the size of the company. Make sure to look through their websites to see their industry experience. Check the number of solar panel systems they have built, and investigate the styles of roofing that every company has successfully worked on. In addition to experience, note the credentials of each company in your document for comparison. Most businesses list certifications online, but if you can’t find it on the company site, you can contact solar companies Sydney to inquire about certificates.

Read Reviews

All of the world’s certifications and experience won’t matter as much if the company isn’t treating its clients well. Going solar is difficult. There is a lot to do including obtaining the proper permits, selecting the right sized panels, applying for federal or state tax credits and much more. You want to work with an approachable and helpful business. Using your document, take note of the general impression you get from your discussions as this will make it easier to remember your concerns with an organisation.

Review Each Company’s Financing Options

It’s important to weigh up your financial options and methods of payment, to ensure the company you choose is someone you feel comfortable partnering with. Whether it is upfront or with installment plans, explore which solar companies Sydney offer suitable financial support and are willing to work within your means.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

Solar panels Sydney are a perfect way to mitigate your electricity costs , reduce your home’s impact on the atmosphere and promote the use of clean energy, which is becoming increasingly important as climate change worsens.

Eliminate Energy Bills

One of the most tangible advantages of solar panels is that they can significantly reduce the cost on your electric bill. Many states require utilities to provide their net metering, which enables homeowners to offset their electrical costs with the energy produced by their solar panels.
Solar panels protect you against this rising cost of electricity. You don’t have to buy increasingly expensive power from utility companies, because you are generating your own electricity! This means that rising energy prices become a past concern!

Solar Panels Are Affordable

As rates for electricity continue to get more expensive, solar costs have inversely declined, and are continuing to do so. Solar is now cheaper than ever; as the rate has significantly fallen and is at its lowest cost in the past 10 years. So solar panels for sale are a great investment avenue right now. These low prices make solar even more accessible for all homeowners.

Start Saving From Day One

As soon as they are installed, solar power will reduce or remove your annual energy costs. They also deliver long-term savings, since you are now harvesting your power from the sun. Installing the best solar panels ensures you get maximum return for your investment in savings. Additionally, potential home buyers are aware of the cost saving measures a home with solar panels has, and are willing to pay more. Since the system is already in place and the initial investment is settled, the resale value of the home increases. Solar panels also extend a roof’s life, since they protect against elements such as rain, snow and debris. During the summer in particular, these panels ensure the hot sun doesn’t pound directly on the roof and heat up the residence; the rays are absorbed by the panels instead and keep the house temperature lower.

Help the Environment

Solar energy systems derive pure, renewable energy from the sun. The installation of solar panels Sydney on your home helps to combats greenhouse gas pollution and reduces the world’s reliance on fossil fuel. Traditional electricity originates from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas and as most people are aware, fossil fuels are horrible for the atmosphere, but are also a limited resource. Due to this, the price fluctuates frequently and can sky-rocket very quickly.

Energy Independence

Having solar panels makes it possible for homeowners to create their own energy, giving them independence. This essentially means that a solar home does not depend on the traditional electrical grid as significantly as other home owners. This enables you to take the control back into your own hands and manage where your home gets its energy from.