Key Solar Power Industry Innovations That Will Change the Future

Key Solar Power Industry Innovations That Will Change the Future

Want to know the future of the solar industry? Read about these ground breaking innovations that could revolutionise renewable energy.

Solar power is a powerful tool in harnessing renewable energy from the sun; it is an excellent alternative to non-renewable energy sources.

In the fight against climate change, scientists are coming up with new materials and better ways to harness solar power system.

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This list of upcoming materials and innovations in the solar power industry will tell you all you need to know about the future of solar power.

Current and Upcoming Materials In The Solar Industry

New and different materials are being made for versatile solar panels to conduct solar power and absorb light. These materials include:

Crystalline Silicon

Crystalline silicon is the most commonly used semiconducting material in solar panels. However, solar panel materials are emerging with a lower cost that makes them more efficient.

Thin Films

These are 350 times smaller and have more light-absorbing layers compared to Crystallised Silicone. What makes them impressive is their flexibility; they are lightweight and much easier to install. The CIGS (copper-indium-gallium-selenide) solar cells are the new promising, high efficiency, and economical options with an efficiency of up to 21%.


Perovskite can be printed and used to make thin films with a record efficiency of 28%. They are cost-effective with a slim design and can be processed at a low temperature. This material has groundbreaking light absorption properties.

New And Upcoming Innovations in The Solar Panel Industry

You wouldn’t believe what is becoming possible when it comes to solar power. Solar panels won’t just be on roofs; they will be on roads, windows, and more. Let’s go through some of the innovations that will improve the versatility of solar power.

Solar LED Skylights

Solar LED skylights can turn the sunlight into LED lighting used to light the inside of your home and at times portray an LED picture when your home doesn’t have the space for a traditional skylight.

Solar Skins

For those that do not think solar panels are visually appealing, new solar skins are being developed to blend in with your roof seamlessly. These solar skins are long-lasting and can boost the value of your home.

Solar Roadways

Solar Roadways are specially engineered so they can be both walked and driven on. LED lights are used in the place of paint for street markings. And, they can even get rid of ice and snow, as they offer heat to melt any ice on the road.

Portable Solar Power

With portable solar power tools, you can take your solar power with you wherever you go. The portable solar power tool measures the power you take from an outlet and validates it as solar power. This way, you can decide when, where, and how much you use solar power simply by plugging your portable solar power device into an outlet.

Solar Paint

Known as spray-on solar cells, solar paint uses perovskites that take liquid form. These spray-on solar cells were first developed at The University of Sheffield in 2014. They can be sprayed onto any surface to create a sun-harnessing layer.

Solar Window Plugs

Scientists in Korea have invented a window plug with a suction cup to stick to the window wherever you are and charge up using solar power. It takes between 5 and 8 hours to charge, and, once fully charged, you can take it anywhere with you as your own pocket power supply.

These window plugs cannot yet provide a substantial power supply, so you can currently only use them for small devices like mobile phones.


Solar power is on the rise and has the potential to provide a fantastic solution to the threats of climate change.

It is important to get excited about new innovations in renewable energy. The products will continue to help you benefit from the sun’s free energy source and reduce your carbon footprint into the future.

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