Why Your Electricity Bill Is Still High After Solar Installation

Why Your Electricity Bill Is Still High After Solar Installation

If you’ve recently received solar panels from solar installers in Syndey, you could receive a credit of around $236 per quarter on your energy bill. But, it isn’t always this easy – some homeowners don’t receive these savings.

So, why’s your energy bill still high after solar panel installation? You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t make any savings after making such a big investment in your home.

Keep reading as we explore some things that can harm solar panel efficiency and how you can lower your household energy usage and maximise ROI on your solar panel investments.

Why Is My Electric Bill Still High After Installing Solar Panels?

So, your energy bill is still high after you’ve taken the trouble to install solar panels. This could be for many reasons. Luckily for you, they’re all remediable. Get the most out of your solar panel investment by solving these problems. Let’s examine why your solar panel system isn’t giving you a little extra pocket money every month.

Your System Isn’t Working At Optimal Efficiency

Are you sure your solar panels are working properly? They could be working at subdued efficiency, meaning you won’t get much power from them. Here’s why this might be happening:

  • Your solar panels are dirty – if you haven’t gotten around to cleaning your solar panels in a while, dirt and debris may be blocking the photovoltaic panels. Since your solar panels need unobstructed sunlight, they won’t provide optimal power unless you roll your sleeves up and get scrubbing.
  • Inefficient solar panels and scams – sometimes, if you don’t buy your solar panels from a reputable provider, you end up with defective parts. Some solar panel providers attempt to scam you with backhanded tricks by switching elements for cheaper alternatives. This is the risk you take when you use a dodgy provider, so it’s best to check their accreditations first!
  • There is a sunlight obstruction – if you’re installing solar panels for your home, check whether they get full sunlight during daylight hours. Otherwise, they won’t receive optimal UV rays, and your energy bills won’t decrease much at all.

You Are Using More Power At Home

Many people up their energy usage after installing solar panels, as the energy is free. But just because your solar panels are free doesn’t mean you can stop minding your energy consumption at home. They’ll only generate a fixed amount of power, and any energy you use beyond that comes from the grid – which will cost you money.

You Are Using Most Of Your Power At Night

Unless you have a solar battery, you can only use the power your solar panels generate during daylight hours. If you’re using most of your energy at night, you won’t be getting as much value from your panels, and it’ll be worth considering a solar battery.

You’re Not Reading Your Meter Properly

If your electricity bill is still high after switching to solar, you might be reading your meter wrong. Follow these steps to ensure you’re reading it properly:

  • Read each dial from left to right.
  • Use the lower number if the dial is between two numbers.
  • Look at the next dial if the dial is directly on a number. Use the lower number for your reading if this number hasn’t passed 0.

Ways To Reduce Your Household Energy Consumption

If you want to maximise the extra pocket money you get from your solar panels, you can try and reduce your household energy consumption. Below are some of the best places to start, so you can get that new pair of sneakers you’ve had your eye on.

Have Shorter Showers

The longer you shower, the more your water heater has to work so you don’t get shocked by a blast of ice-cold water. Your water pump should make sure your water reaches you at a pleasant pressure. Taking shorter showers is the cornerstone of saving energy. Not a fan of shorter showers? You don’t need to sacrifice your deep thinking time – you can consider switching to a solar water heater – providing you with completely sustainable hot water.

Turn Your Appliances Off

You’d be surprised at the energy it takes to power your appliances, even on standby mode. Turning your devices off at the socket can save you a whopping amount on your monthly energy bills.

Limit Tumble Dryer Usage

A tumble dryer cycle costs around $0.98 – and weekly or daily usage adds up. Limit how much you turn on your tumble dryer each month, and you’ll see brilliant results when the energy bill arrives. Try hanging your clothes outside to dry on a washing line, or wait until you have a large enough load to justify using the dryer.

Understand Your Energy Bills

The best way to lower household energy consumption is to look at your energy bills and see where the money’s going. This way, you can limit how long your showers are and how often you do your laundry, making tiny adjustments to see big-picture savings.

Switch Energy Providers

Are you getting ripped off by your energy provider? By reviewing your current policy and checking out competitors online, you can better understand whether you’re being overcharged.

Invest In A Solar Battery

A solar battery helps reduce your daily grid energy consumption. You can typically only use the power from your solar panels during daylight hours. However, with a solar battery, you can save what you don’t use for later, allowing you to use renewable energy at night. You can even return your excess power to the grid, and it’ll go toward your next energy bill.

Insulate Your Home

If your home isn’t properly insulated, your AC and heating systems won’t work as efficiently, resulting in excess energy consumption. Set your sights on proper insulation to ensure you get the most value from your heating and cooling systems. This’ll help you save money on your energy bills, as you won’t need to use your heating and cooling systems as much.


Even after investing in solar panels, you could still be scratching your head when the energy bill arrives. Luckily, you can do something about it. By lowering your energy consumption and ensuring your solar panels are working correctly, you can provide significant savings for your monthly energy bills – improving your ROI on your solar investments.

Are you considering switching to solar? Call us at SolarPath, your gurus for solar panel installation. We provide solar power systems and solar panel installation services with friendly, reliable, and honest service, saving you from energy bill-induced nausea and headaches!

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