Maxlight Tubular Skylights

Round Natural Skylights for Indoor Lighting

Maxlight Tubular Skylights
  • The MAXLIGHT® series of skylights by SolarPath set a new benchmark for the Daylighting Systems made in Australia. The range comes in 3 different models (sizes), the ML250, the ML400 and the ML500.
  • MAXLIGHT® skylights have been engineered to harness the daylight like no other tubular skylight on the market and reflect it into your home or workplace through our mirror-like M-Silver Tube®
  • Using cutting edge technology, like our RayCatcher® Dome and M-Silver Tube® MAXLIGHT® skylights deliver brighter, more natural and healthier light into your home than any other tubular skylight of this kind.
  • With an industry-leading 15 year warranty, outstanding performance and our highly competitive pricing, SolarPath MAXLIGHT® series of skylights are excellent value for money.
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Additional Information
  • Energy Rated
  • Unique Triple Lense Diffuser
  • Durable injection moulded dome with crystal clear surface
  • Seamless injection moulded flashings
  • Optical diffusion system with advanced fresnel lens for optimum performance

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Supply Only (DIY) Prices
  Round Diffuser Round Diffuser Square Diffuser Square Diffuser
Light Coverage Area Up to 18m² Up to 25m² Up to 28m² Up to 32m²
Potential Drop Length 7M+ 10+ 12+ 15+
Size (diameter) 250mm 400mm 400 to 550mm 550mm
Suitable For Small – Medium sized rooms, Bathrooms, Hallways, Laundries and Wardrobes. Large rooms, Kitchens, Dining rooms, Family rooms Large rooms, Kitchens, Dining rooms, Family rooms Extra-large rooms – Open spaces
All Trim Options Yes Yes No No
Add On Ventilation Yes No No No
* Kits based on top and bottom angles only (allowance 600mm). Further extension tubes can be purchased if required. Prices do not include installation.
Why Choose Us?
As a retailer of renewable energy-related products, we provide a range of quality skylights along with expertise and experience achieved in years of operation. So, why should you choose sky lights from us? Here are the reasons-
  • You will get better lighting performance from our industry standard products.
  • Our skylights today are available all over the country.
  • Our skylights are affordable, and services are exceptional.
  • Our professionals do installations of skylights with ease.
  • You will get an extensive range of accessories for your skylight option.
  • There is a range of skylight models like tubular or round skylights that are stylish enough to suit your décor.
  • You will get the warranty period on each of our products.
There are a number of companies who provide accessories related to renewable energy, but you’ll be glad you chose SolarPath. We deliver affordable solutions together with the quality you expect. Skylight models and prices may vary depending on your choice. Contact SolarPath today for a free consultation.
Benefits You Can Count On After Installing Tubular Skylights:
In pleasant weather, people enjoy the sunshine. What if you could bring the sunshine into your home? Well, this beautiful concept is known as “daylighting”, and is easily achieved by installing the tubular skylight. There are number of benefits after installing a skylight, which are as follows-
  • Reduce energy consumption i.e., the use of electricity.
  • With a round skylight, you create an appealing atmosphere indoors.
  • Did you know daylight boosts brain power? Yes, it does!
Daylighting brings the elegance of sunlight into your home, improving the atmosphere and well-being naturally as well as cutting your energy bills and saving the environment.
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    How Does It Work?
    Raycatcher® Dome
    Firstly our advanced optical Raycatcher® Dome is engineered to capture the most sunlight possible during the day. Even reflecting some of the light when the sunlight is on a low angle.
    M-Silver Tube®
    Then our M-Silver Tube® sends the light travelling down through an extremely reflective mirror-like surface made of durable Solid Aluminium (making it extremely long lasting). This mirror like tube transmits pure white natural white light into your space.
    Range Of Auroramax® Diffusers
    But it doesn’t end there. Our range of Auroramax® Diffusors (The parts that sit on your ceiling and look like an electric light) ensures the light enters your home and spreads evenly throughout the space. Our triple lens diffuser has also been designed to block the harmful UV rays, so you can be rest assured none of your belongings will be damaged by the sunlight.
    To give you even more peace of mind. Our MaxLight Skylights are completely leak-free! Our roof flashings (the parts that connect to your roof) are totally leak-proof because they’ve been injection moulded, so there are no seams for water to get through. We have flashings designed to suit all major roof types here in Australia.
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