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Like solar panels, solar inverters play a critical role in solar power systems. The inverter acts as the “brain” of your solar system, converting the Direct Current (DC) electricity produced by your solar panels into 240-volt Alternating Current (AC) electricity used in your home.

There are many types of solar inverters to consider, and the best one for you will depend on the size and configuration of your system. At SolarPath, our trained team of experts will help you determine the right solar panel inverter to get the most value from your solar investment.

Since 2012, SolarPath has been designing and installing solar systems for homeowners and business owners around Australia. During this time, we’ve earned the business of thousands of Aussies who are committed to cutting their energy costs and protecting the environment with the power of solar.

At SolarPath, we work with the best solar inverter brands in the industry, including SolarEdge, SMA, Enphase, Fronius, Sungrow, Growatt, Goodwe, and SolaX. All of our inverters are backed by product warranties, so you can buy with confidence and expect an excellent return on your investment for years to come.

Solaredge and solax inverters

Sungrow Solar Inverters

SolarPath installs Sungrow inverters across Sydney and NSW as a standard inverter with our solar power systems. Sungrow inverters come with 5 + 5-year warranty. However, enquire about our Sungrow exclusive warranties offers we have at the moment.

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Growatt Solar Inverters

Driven by quality, design and engineering, Growatt is a major global inverter supplier having shipped over 1.3 million inverters across 100 countries.
Growatt is well established in the Australian market with a strong local presence for over 9 years and a national service centre based in Sydney.

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SolaX Solar Inverters

With over 200 research and development staff, the SolaX goal is to drive the very latest in solar innovation and be a world leader in the development and production of solar inverters and solar battery storage solutions.
With an install base of over 200,000 inverters, the SolaX range has proven quality and reliability.

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Max Power Solar Inverters

The Max Power Solar MPS5000 5kW single phase solar inverter is a high-quality inverter by Max Power Solar – an Australian solar company part of a well-established business with over 12 years’ experience in the Australian solar industry.

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Headquartered in Germany SMA have been setting the pace in solar technology trends Since 1981, helping accelerate the development and uptake of solar energy.
SolarPath is an authorised SMA POWERUP partner. Why is this important?

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The globally established Austrian company Fronius has been a byword for safety, quality, innovation, and reliability for 70 years. Since developing its first inverter in 1995 Fronius has produced inverters with a total power output of more than 5 gigawatts – approximately equal to the output of five nuclear power stations. All Fronius solar inverters are thoroughly tested and have a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 20 years, offering you peace of mind that goes well beyond that required by law.

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SolarEdge offers more than just an inverter. A SolarEdge inverter is teamed with SolerEdge power optimisers on each panel and comprehensive monitoring down to the individual panel level. This gives you the smartest energy solution for your home or business to generate the most power possible.

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What Is a Solar Power Inverter and How Does It Work?

As mentioned, a solar inverter is an electrical device that is often considered the “brain” of a solar system. They’re typically mounted on an external wall near your meter box and serve two important roles: converting and directing electricity. Let’s look at each of these functions in a bit more detail.

First, your solar power inverter is responsible for converting the electricity generated by your solar panels into usable energy for your property. Your solar panels produce Direct Current (DC) electricity, whereas your home uses 240-volt Alternating Current (AC) electricity. Therefore, the main function of the inverter is to convert the DC electricity from the panels into AC electricity you can use in your home.

Second, the inverter acts as a “traffic cop” and directs the AC power to where it’s needed. Before anything else, the inverter will send the supply to your home. If there is excess power, it will be directed to your solar battery (if you have one in your system). When your battery is fully charged, the solar inverter sends any extra power back to the grid. If you don’t have a battery, any power not used in your home will go back to the grid.

On top of converting and directing electricity, today’s best solar inverters in Australia can also help you monitor your energy generation and usage. For example, Sungrow solar inverters include access to the company’s iSolarCloud platform, which allows solar system owners to see how much power they produce each day and how much money they’ve saved by switching to solar.

As you might expect, these are crucial functions in any solar power system. Without an inverter, your solar panels could collect sun-sourced energy, but that energy couldn’t be converted to use in your home or business.

How Do I Choose the Best Solar Panel Inverter?

There are several types of solar inverters on the market today, with string inverters being the most common option for residential solar systems. String inverters connect a group of panels (known as a string) to a single inverter. Our string inverters typically support two strings of solar panels.

Alternatively, if you have a solar battery at home, you can consider purchasing a hybrid inverter. Hybrid inverters are essentially two-in-one devices that perform all of the functions of a typical inverter, but they can also send electricity back and forth to your battery (which would otherwise require an additional battery inverter).

When designing a commercial solar system, we choose an inverter that best suits your needs. For commercial solar systems we design and install, we recommend selected solar inverters and will design the system with several inverters in the system. This design means that if there is an issue with an inverter, it will only affect the panels attached to that inverter and not the whole array of panels.

Most solar inverters come with a five-year warranty, although some products have extended warranty options. For our standard residential solar system packages, we offer the compact and smart Growatt MIN 5000TL-X 5kW inverter with a 5+5 year warranty and outstanding efficiency of 98.4%.

Why Should You Switch to Solar?

Going solar is an excellent decision for yourself and for the environment. Below, find a few of the top reasons to consider investing in a solar panel system today.

Provides a Solid Return on Investment

Thanks to our warm and sunny climate, the payback period for solar in Australia is around five years (and sometimes less). And with many solar panels designed to last for 25 years, your solar investment could provide you with decades’ worth of free electricity. Plus, solar systems add value to your home, so even if you move, you’ll still get an excellent return on investment.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

At SolarPath, we’re experts in solar panel installation and maintenance. We have a highly skilled and qualified team of professional installers who will get your solar PV system up and running with minimal disruption to your life. Once your panels are installed, we provide ongoing maintenance and support when you need it.

Lower Energy Costs

Instead of paying sky-high energy prices, solar PV systems let you harness the sun’s renewable energy to power your home. For some homeowners and business owners, this can represent significant savings in their monthly expenses.

Better for the Environment

Unlike many traditional energy sources, solar power is renewable and does not emit carbon. When you switch to solar, you’ll put less strain on the environment and do your part to ensure a healthier planet. It’s a win-win for your wallet, your community, and the environment.

SolarPath – Experts in the Solar Inverter Business

At SolarPath, we’re passionate about providing high-quality solar solutions to our clients across Australia. Whether you’re new to solar or you’ve purchased a system in the past, we’re happy to discuss your goals and needs to develop a customised solar plan for your home or business.

We have a wide selection of solar power inverters, so you’re sure to find one that fits your requirements. If you have a small residential solar system or an expansive commercial solar project, SolarPath is here to help you find the inverter that you need to get your system up and running.

In addition to solar inverters, SolarPath also offers a high-quality range of solar products, including solar panels, skylights, solar roof ventilation, and solar water heaters. We supply and install these products at an affordable solar installation cost to ensure that you are saving more in the long run. We stock trusted products from the leading brands to ensure that you get top-notch solar products installed at a limited cost.

Why Choose SolarPath?

  • We’re among the top solar retailers and installers in NSW and Australia.
  • We work hard to make sure that our customers get the right solar setup for their needs, ensuring long-term value and return on investment.
  • We take a hands-on approach through each step of the process, from the initial consultation to the ongoing maintenance.
  • We’ve completed thousands of solar installations in the past decade.
  • We provide flexible and customised payment options.
  • We’re committed to improving our environment and belong to the Clean Energy Council.


Ready to get started? Get in touch with the SolarPath team today by calling 1300 474 451, emailing us at, or submitting our online contact form.

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