Choosing The Right Solar Battery For Your Needs

Choosing The Right Solar Battery For Your Needs

Did you know that only 1 of 7 solar systems are fitted with a solar battery? Many homeowners of solar-powered homes are missing out on such beneficial energy storage.

If you’ve made the wise decision to maximise the benefits of your solar power system with a solar battery, you’ll need to take some time to choose the best one. Keep reading as we provide you with everything you need to know about selecting the correct solar battery for your needs.

What Is A Solar Battery, And How Does It Benefit You?

Solar batteries act as the backup of your solar system. When the sun isn’t shining, and you need to use power at night, you can rely on your solar battery to provide free, renewable energy.

Of course, solar panels are an expensive investment, and many homeowners don’t purchase a battery due to the cost. However, you’ll reach ROI on your solar assets quicker by investing in a battery. Here are some of the advantages you’ll gain by making this extra investment for your renewable home:

  • Storing Energy – any energy you don’t use from your solar panels won’t go to waste; it’ll be stored in your solar battery. If you have darker days or need an energy backup, your solar battery’s got your back!
  • Selling Energy – if you don’t want to use the energy stored in your solar battery, you can simply sell it back to the grid for money off your next energy bill.
  • Living Off-grid – you can opt for an off-grid solar inverter with your solar battery. With these systems, you don’t need grid power at all. For all you eco-warriors, this is the best way to gain total independence from grid power, fossil fuels, and government control over your energy bills. A solar battery can mean complete freedom for your household.

How Much Does A Solar Battery Cost?

As with most electronic devices, the cost of your solar battery depends on the quality and storage capacity you require. Generally, you can expect to pay between $4,000 and $9,000 for a high-quality, moderate-capacity solar battery.

If you plan to pair your solar battery with an off-grid inverter and use only solar power, you can expect to pay upwards of $10,000.

If this cost scares you, just remember you don’t have to install your solar battery simultaneously with your panels. You can always install your solar system and wait a few years before purchasing a battery, giving you some time to save on the upfront costs.

Are There Any Solar Battery Rebates?

In NSW, a government rebate offers you an interest-free loan to cover the cost of solar battery installation. You can borrow up to $14,000 to cover the cost of your battery and repay it for 4 years.

This rebate is part of the Australian government’s initiative to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. It is aimed at those with existing solar systems. Still, you can also access solar rebates that help you fund the cost of solar panel installation – don’t forget to check your eligibility if you’re considering a solar installation.

How Much Money Will I Save With A Solar Battery?

You could save around $1,500 per year with a solar battery, meaning if you opt for a $6,000 battery, you’ll make returns after 4 years of installation. It’s definitely worth considering, seeing as though you will hardly need to use energy from the grid with a solar battery installed.

What Size Solar Battery Do I Need?

The ideal solar battery for your home depends on a few things:

  • The size of your solar system.
  • The energy consumption of your household.

To give you some direction, the average three-person household will need an 8kWh solar battery. And, if you have a 10kWh solar system, then you’ll need a solar battery with a capacity of at least 20kW.

There are many solar battery calculators available online, which can help you determine the right size for you. Alternatively, you might consider speaking to your local solar installer, who will be able to assess your needs based on your circumstances with all factors considered.

Which Accreditations Should I Look For?

When choosing a solar battery, especially if using a government rebate to fund the cost, you should look for the proper accreditations. If your solar battery is approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC), the quality is guaranteed.

This approval is why the government will only fund the cost of solar batteries with CEC accreditation – ensuring no faults or switched parts from a solar scammer, making your investment redundant. Protect yourself by choosing a quality-assured battery, or you might wind up with an expensive but useless product.


Selecting the right solar battery may appear deceptively simple, but it’s actually a decision that warrants careful consideration. Several factors come into play, making it a somewhat intricate process. You need to consider the cost, whether you’d like to make use of a rebate and finally, the requirements of your home.

We recommend only choosing a CEC-accredited device to protect yourself from solar scams.

If you need help choosing a solar battery, you can always contact our team of advisors for a friendly chat – contact SolarPath today for trustworthy and personable solar service!

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