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In recent years, the demand for solar panels has skyrocketed in Sydney and the rest of Australia — and it’s easy to understand why. Not only are solar power panels cost-effective, but they’re also an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional power sources.

According to recent research from the Clean Energy Regulator, Australia has the highest uptake of solar in the world. In fact, about one in four homes in the country have rooftop solar panels — a number that is increasing each year. Last year alone, there were more than 362,000 rooftop solar PV installations in Australia.

With a solar panel installation at your home or business, you can harness the power of the sun to create your own energy and start saving money on your energy bills. Whether you need a residential or commercial solar system installed, the knowledgeable team at SolarPath is here to make it happen.

If you’re ready to join the millions of Aussies who have embraced solar energy, connect with SolarPath today. We sell and install customised solar energy solutions for the residential and commercial sector, with a focus on affordable pricing and reliable service. Over the years, we’ve delivered cost-saving solar panel installations to thousands of homes and businesses around the country.

Seraphim are a highly regarded Tier 1 solar module and panel manufacturing company with a strong R&D focus. Since being established in 2009 Seraphim have over 6GW of installed panels world-wide.
SolarPath offers the Seraphim 370W SRP-370-BMB as one of our standard Tier 1 panels as it combines best half-cut cell technology, high-quality, and performance at an accessible price point.

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Hyundai Solar Panels
SolarPath now offers the latest solar panels from Hyundai – VG Series 390W HiE-S390VG in Sydney and across NSW.
These new panels feature M6 PERC Shingled Technology delivering ultra-high efficiency increasing the performance of the panel in low light conditions, boosting the life-time power yield of the solar system.

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Established in 2000 Longi is the largest supplier of mono-crystalline products in the world for the photovoltaic industry, supplying many other panel brands with the silicon wafers they require for their panel production.
Longi have an impressive record in R&D, have revenues of over US $3billion and have several times held the world record for cell and module efficiency.

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The MPS-370M60 solar module is a new generation, high-tech, high quality solar panel by Max Power Solar and is backed with Australian warranty. With a massive 370-Watt output it is one of the most powerful panels available in the market.
Featuring cutting edge technology in the Mono PERC half cut cells, this new generation of solar panels can deliver a massive 370 watts of power with its impressive module efficiency of over 20%.

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Drawing upon their huge knowledge of semi-conductors LG Electronics began their solar energy research in 1985. Now in their fifth generation, LG Solar panels are widely recognised as the leading solar panels available.
As an authorised LG solar installer SolarPath is proud to design and install solar systems based on the industry leading LG solar panels for residential and commercial solar customers.

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Drawing upon their huge knowledge of semi-conductors LG Electronics began their solar energy research in 1985. Now in their fifth generation, LG Solar panels are widely recognised as the leading solar panels available.
As an authorised LG solar installer SolarPath is proud to design and install solar systems based on the industry leading LG solar panels for residential and commercial solar customers.

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SolarEdge are a global leader in smart solar technology with their inverters, power optimisers and full system monitoring. They now offer a full solar solution with the smart solar panel. These solar panels come with the SolarEdge power optimisers integrated on the panel.

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Cost of Solar Panel in Australia

In the past, the cost of solar panels may have prevented some homeowners and business owners from installing solar power systems on their property. But these days, solar system panels are much more affordable and have a shorter payback period than in previous years.

Part of the reason that solar panel has come down in cost is because of the federal government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), which provides financial incentives for homeowners and business owners who choose to install solar. When combined with the rising costs of traditional power, we can confidently say that now is the perfect time to buy solar panels in Australia.

Solar Panel Installation Costs and Savings

The total cost of your solar investment will vary depending on different factors, including the system size, the number of panels, the number of people per home using the system, the location of the system, and more.

With that said, the estimated cost of a high-quality solar power system is $1,500 to $3,000 (1.5KW system) or $6,000 to $12,000 (10KW system). You can expect to add an extra 20% to this cost if you opt for a micro-inverter. Likewise, you can save about $700 if you downgrade to budget inverters.

Keeping these costs in mind, we’ve calculated that an average-sized home can expect to save:

  • $500 per year with a 1.5KW system
  • $1,400 per year with a 4KW system
  • $1,700 per year with a 5KW system
  • $2,000 per year with a 6.6KW system
  • $2,400 per year with an 8KW system

Your solar power installers can help you decide on the best solar panel and system configuration for your residential or commercial unit. Finding the right system can help you save more on your solar costs.

If you’re intimidated by the costs of installing solar, there are a few things that can help alleviate your concerns.

For instance, it’s important to keep in mind that adding solar to your home is an investment that offers short-term and long-term financial benefits. While there are upfront costs involved, you will ultimately pay much less for your monthly energy bills. And when your system is paid off, it will even help you earn money through feed-in tariffs.

In addition, you may be eligible for a rebate or loan on your solar system – helping you reduce the costs even more. You can learn more about these incentives in the “Why Choose Solar Panels” section below.

Why Choose Solar Panels?

Solar energy has numerous benefits for your home or business, including lower energy costs and a reduced environmental impact. Here are some key reasons to switch to solar.

Great Return on Investment

Solar energy is a smart financial investment for your property, generating an excellent annual return on investment. Once installed, your solar panels will provide free electricity throughout the year, saving you more money as time goes on. Even better? Solar panels can last for 25 years, delivering long-term value for your property – even if you sell it.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Solar panels are easy to install and maintain. Our team of experts will manage the installation process, leaving you free to focus on other priorities. After installation, the operational cost of a solar system is quite low – especially when compared to other forms of power generation. At SolarPath, we only offer high-quality panels for your solar system to give you years of trouble-free performance.

Reduce Energy Bills

Lower energy costs are one of the biggest benefits of solar systems. As residential energy bills continue to rise in Australia, it is the ideal solution to prevent unpredictable increases in utility bills.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Because solar power is a renewable resource, using solar energy puts less stress on the environment. As a result, investing in solar powered panels will reduce your carbon footprint and help you live a more sustainable life – all while saving money.

Take Advantage of NSW Government Incentives

In order to help more families and businesses switch to solar, there are several rebate and loan programs available through the New South Wales government.

Notably, the Empowering Homes Solar Rebate provides interest-free loans to homeowners to cover the upfront costs of their solar panels. Homeowners in eligible postcodes can receive as much as $10,000 for a solar panel system.

Other solar incentives include feed-in tariffs, grants for regional small businesses, and the federal government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). SolarPath is also proud to offer a discount to eligible pensioners, so contact the SolarPath team today for more information and guidance on navigating these rebates and incentives.

Professional Solar Panel Installation Sydney

Founded in 2012, SolarPath is an Australian owned and operated solar panel retailer and installer based in Kings Park, NSW. Over the past decade, we’ve earned a reputation as a trusted provider of solar panels Sydney, delivering innovative and reliable products to customers across Australia.

At SolarPath, we source our high-quality solar panels in Sydney from leading brands in the industry, including LG, Hyundai, LONGI, JA Solar, and SERAPHIM. Our solar systems come with performance warranties, so you can feel confident that you’re buying a product that’s guaranteed to work. We are dedicated to delivering quality solar products, solar installation, and maintenance to maximise your electric bill savings and return on your solar energy investment.

Accredited and Qualified Experts in Solar Panel Installation

As the leading provider of solar panels NSW, SolarPath is passionate about helping homeowners and business owners make the shift to more sustainable energy. As our customer, we’ll work closely with you to develop the perfect solar system for your property.

We know that solar is a significant investment, so our team is available to walk you through every step of the process – from the initial solar quote through the warranty period. Our expert team is friendly, experienced, and qualified to complete your installation and meet the specific demands of your solar project.

SolarPath products can be installed anywhere throughout Sydney, regardless of your location or energy demands. We employ a team of trained, certified, and accredited solar professionals to install and maintain your system, always adhering to the industry standards and protocol.

When onsite, our team of installers will assess your roof space and configure your system for optimal solar panels efficiency, ensuring that it meets the power requirements of your property. After your panels are installed, we’ll be in touch to provide cleaning and maintenance services as needed.

Why Choose SolarPath?

  • We are the number one solar retailer and installer in Sydney, NSW.
  • We are committed to ensuring every client receives the maximum return on investment.
  • From consultation to monitoring, we are always ready to help offer the right solar energy solution to our clients.
  • We have supplied and installed thousands of solar panels to various clients across the nation.
  • We offer flexible finance options.
  • We’re official members of the Clean Energy Council.

Get in touch with SolarPath today to learn more about our company and services. Call us on 1300 474 451 or fill out our online form.

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