Spectrum Tubular Skylights

Spectrum Skylight Tubes
  • The Spectrum® series of skylights by Solar Bright® offer consumers a high-quality, solid tube skylight at a price that is hard to resist. The range comes in 2 different models (sizes), the SP250 and the SP400.
  • Spectrum® skylights have been engineered to harness the sunlight and reflect it into your home or workplace through our highly reflective, solid anodised aluminium tubing.
  • Spectrum® skylights deliver beautiful natural light into your home, creating a healthier environment and a feeling of more spaciousness.
  • With an industry-leading 10-year warranty and our highly competitive pricing, Solar Brights® Spectrum® series of skylights are amazing value for money.
Product Features
  • Standard high impact acrylic dome is made of UV resistant, non-yellowing acrylic.
  • Leak-proof Design – Injection moulded leak proof roof flashings to suit any roof tile and various metal roof types.
  • Adjustable Tubes – Two jointed tubes let you work around obstacles. Tubes adjust up to 30-degree angle.
  • Single Lens Diffuser – Spreads soft, natural light throughout interior spaces.

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Supply Only (DIY) Prices
Spectrum® SP250 Spectrum® SP400
Size (diameter) 250mm 400mm
Suitable For Small – Medium sized rooms, Bathrooms, Hallways, Laundries and Wardrobes. Large rooms, Kitchens, Dining rooms, Family rooms.
All Designer Diffuser Options? No – Prismax only No – Prismax only
All Trim Options? No – White Only No – White Only
Add On Ventilation? Yes – Mechanical, Solar & Wind No
* Kits based on top and bottom angles only (allowance 600mm). Further extension tubes can be purchased if required. Prices do not include installation.
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    How Does It Work?
    Roof Top Dome
    Firstly sunlight goes through our standard clear hi impact acrylic dome.
    Solid Aluminium Tube
    Then our solid light tube sends the light travelling down through an highly reflective mirror-like surface made of durable anodised aluminium (making it extremely long lasting). This mirror like tube transmits beautiful natural light into your space.
    Our Prismatic Diffuser (The parts that sit on your ceiling and look like an electric light) ensures the light enters your home and spreads evenly throughout the space. Our single lens diffuser has also been designed to block the harmful UV rays, so you can be rest assured none of your belongings will be damaged by the sunlight.
    To give you even more peace of mind. Our Spectrum Skylights are completely leak-free! Our roof flashings (the parts that connect to your roof) are totally leak-proof because they’ve been injection moulded, so there are no seams for water to get through. We even have flashings designed to suit most roof types here in Australia.
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