How LED Solar Skylights Can Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

How LED Solar Skylights Can Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

You might consider investing in solar panels when lowering your monthly overheads and reducing your carbon footprint. But did you know that LED solar skylights are a great energy-efficient option?

With the recent energy crisis, now is the best time to get acquainted with energy-efficient home instalments. Keep reading as we discuss how LED solar skylights can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

What Are LED Solar Skylights?

Solar LED skylights are an alternative to traditional skylights. You don’t need to create a hole in your roof or find an appropriate roof or wall for installation. Instead, LED solar skylights can be installed easily for most roof types. Using wires, LED solar skylights connect a lighting panel to a solar panel on your home’s roof.

You can light the rooms in your house with LED panels that give the illusion of natural light, reducing your reliance on overhead lighting and using a more sustainable energy source.

Solar LED skylights are more affordable than solar panels and allow you to reduce your energy consumption for lighting your home.

They also make an excellent option for brightening your home without investing in expensive window installation. Some rooms can be extremely dark, which is terrible for mental health. With the light from your LED skylights, you can flood these places with light – without worrying about the environmental impact. You can opt for different colours, images, and brightness levels for your LED screens to get your home feeling just right.

Benefits Of Installing LED Solar Skylights In Sydney

Now that you know what LED solar skylights are, let’s discuss the main benefits of solar skylight installation at your home.

Lighting Without Energy From The Grid

When you rely on energy from the grid, it can cause the following disadvantages:

  • You must pay for the energy you consume in your household.
  • Your household’s carbon footprint is more significant.

With this in mind, lowering your reliance on the grid for energy can be a good idea. With the latest fluctuations in energy prices, gaining independence from the grid is a priority for many homeowners – creating renewable lighting in your home can help with this.

Better For Insulation

When you install traditional skylights in your home, you can compromise the insulation in your roofing system. With solar LED skylights, you can maximise the light in your home without impacting your insulation.

Though there are ways to reduce the heat lost or trapped by traditional skylights, LED skylights serve as a more convenient option.

Easy Skylights Installation

Installing solar LED skylights is relatively straightforward. Your solar panel installation company will install solar panels onto your roof. The photovoltaic panels will capture UV rays from the sun to convert them into energy for your lights. From the panels, your solar installer will connect an LED panel through the roof structure using wires. This process is straightforward and less invasive than other skylight installation methods.

Even if your roof is not viable for regular skylights, they will still be suitable for LED skylights, which are more adaptable.

Considerations Before Installing LED Solar Skylights

There are some considerations you should make before deciding to install LED solar skylights in your home. There are other options you may wish to explore first.

LED Solar Skylights Vs. Traditional And Tubular Skylights

You might consider installing traditional or tubular skylights before installing LED solar skylights. Tubular skylights are a great option if you do not have any appropriate ceilings. They can travel through thick walls and attic space to provide natural light in your home. However, even with this option, you will still need to rely on energy from the grid to light your home at night during the dark hours.

Traditional skylights are considered the most attractive option and can open up your living space. However, installing skylights can be tricky if you cannot access roof space for installation.

Solar Panels

If you have a bigger budget or can access a solar rebate, you might consider upgrading to solar panels. A solar system will help to ensure solar panels power your entire home. You will need a solar inverter to convert the energy into usable energy for your home. Also, opt for a solar battery, which allows you to store the energy generated from your solar panels in the dark hours or save it for later.

You can even sell energy back to the grid for a profit when you generate too much energy. Opting for solar panels over a solar LED skylight will provide more benefits for reducing your monthly overheads and creating more grid independence.

Functional Positioning

You need to consider where the best spot in your home is for LED skylight installation. Consider ease of installation and the places in your home that require extra light the most. This way, you’ll ensure you get the most out of your investment in solar skylights.


LED skylights are worth considering if you’re looking for relatively low-cost ways to upgrade your home and lower your carbon footprint. You can completely rely on the sun to light your home, which will work wonders for your energy costs and savings account. If you’re considering your solar options, why not contact SolarPath, your reliable solar company in NSW? We are always happy to discuss LED solar skylights Sydney and help you find the best solar solution!

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