12v Solar Panels are a Better Choice Compared to Higher Voltages

12v Solar Panels are a Better Choice Compared to Higher Voltages

Need access to power on the go? Searching for outlets at the last minute to charge laptops and smartphones? 12v solar panel has come to your rescue!

12v solar panels offer portable power that’s readily available whenever you need it. From portable heaters to off-grid lighting, you can reuse these solar panels and power them again and again. They come to your rescue when you are travelling for work, outside of home, or even on a camping trip. These devices harness the power of sun quickly, are easily charged up, and are ready to supply the power you need whenever or wherever necessary.

Why the 12v Solar Panel is the Right Choice?

Today, most consumers prefer 12v solar panel compared to other more static solar panels. If you are wondering why the 12v solar panels have gotten such a huge fan base, it’s because the 12v solar panels are the most scalable solution. Moreover, if one of the panels gets damaged, there are no additional repair costs. Unlike with a huge solar panel, you can expect a significant quote if any of its parts get damaged.

There are different types of 12v solar panels in Sydney, some of which are sturdy, weather-resistant, and ideal for any challenging conditions while others are light-weight, flexible, and can be installed on irregular surfaces too.

Reasons to Use 12v

The 12v solar panels are considered to be a better choice than any higher voltages because of the following two reasons:

  • Battery operation
  • Scalability

The majority of the customer-grade batters are 12 volts, and using the 12v solar panels do not require any changes in voltage. You can easily switch from solar panel power to battery power without using an inverter.

As stated earlier, 12v solar panels are also the most scalable, and you’ll get more installation options. With 12v solar panels, up-scaling to a higher-voltage system is not a problem. You can connect your solar panels in parallel for a 12v system, pair two panes in series and wire them parallel for a 24v system, wire three sets in parallel for 36v system, and so on.

The above two reasons make 12v solar panels as the best option for off-grid consumer use.

Applications of 12v Solar Panel

The 12v solar panel, rated as the best solar panels, can be used in a wide range of applications including motorhomes, cabins, campsites, and more. It can also be used in vehicles such as golf carts, engine starters and more, to help you get where you need to go effectively.

Solar panels aren’t just for rooftop set ups anymore! You can now get access to a portable solar panels that can be used for basic, everyday needs.


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