Working From Home: How To Save Energy and Electricity Costs

Working From Home: How To Save Energy and Electricity Costs

The good news about working from home means you can take more responsibility for your carbon footprint: you will have complete control over how much energy you use. When working from home, however, your household energy bills can increase as you use more lighting, heating, and electronics throughout the day.

Read on to learn how to be more energy efficient when working from home and stop your energy bill from rising. This guide will teach you all the tools and tips, like solar panel installation, to create a sustainable WFH lifestyle.

Tips And Tools For Working From Home Sustainably

Here are some of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint and change the way you use energy when working from home. Consider which of these tools and tips fit into your current budget, and which ones will have the biggest impact on your carbon footprint.

Switch Up Your Energy Source

You can significantly reduce the carbon footprint in your home by switching to a more sustainable energy source. With the money you save on commuting to work each day, you can invest in solar panels that will help you to power your home and reduce the environmental impact of working from home. 

You can use a solar battery to store your excess power for later use or even sell it back to the grid to get the most out of your solar panels. With solar panels, you can enjoy your convenient working from home lifestyle without having to worry about your energy bills.

Use Natural Light

You will most likely need bright lighting to work productively at home. To ensure your working habits don’t come at a cost to the environment, try opening your curtains and optimising the natural light in your home. Prevent using artificial lighting that will increase your energy bill.

If you don’t have sufficient natural light in your home, you could consider installing skylights to create abundant light in your space. However, if you don’t have the space or optimal layout for a skylight, opt for an LED solar skylight to increase the light in your space the conscious way.

Go Digital And Reduce Paper Waste

Paper waste is a massive issue in offices, but you can control how much paper you use now that you’re working from home. Switching out paper for a scribe tablet will help you reduce its use in your home. You can easily make and store handwritten notes on a digital device.

Install A Smart Thermostat

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can be achieved with the installation of a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats allow you to control how long your home is heated for. They can also analyse when you will need your heating on and automatically create a heating schedule.

Switching Off Appliances

Switching off appliances around the house can help reduce your overall energy usage. Try using your devices in more thoughtful, energy-efficient ways, like only washing large loads of laundry. It can be tempting to do smaller, more manageable loads, but you will use more energy that way. Limiting your use of appliances is a budget-friendly way to reduce the carbon footprint in your home.


Working from home doesn’t have to increase your energy bills or your carbon footprint. These tools and technologies will help you to improve your energy efficiency and ease your conscience as you enjoy the convenience and comfort of the working from home lifestyle. These tools are suited to budgets of all sizes, and you can start to implement these changes slowly in accordance with your finances. For more tips, contact SolarPath, Sydney’s top solar company.

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