Myths And Facts About Solar Panel Systems

Myths And Facts About Solar Panel Systems

Demand for sustainable energy sources is growing to reduce the impact of global warming which has been exacerbated by increased emissions. We are surrounded by a plethora of renewable energies that have the potential to be used year-round, especially solar energy. It is time to eliminate solar scepticism and strengthen the outlook for the future. Here, we debunk common myths.

Solar Panels Do Not Work In Cold Weather

In sunny, cold, and even gloomy conditions, solar panels work. Solar panel technologies allow them to operate efficiently and effectively and are much more successful at cooler temperatures than at warmer temperatures. Furthermore, the performance of solar panels in Sydney is maintained by cloudy weather; they can be a viable energy source as they can still generate enough fuel. Also, cold, sunny winter days produce energy at a pace equal to what you will get from hot summer days.

Solar Energy Still Functions Even When The Electricity Goes Out

Of course, the grid system can go down if you live on the grid when the power goes out. It is unsafe to run electricity to wires that electricity employees are trying to repair. As a result, the inverter notices that the grid has been shut down and slows down electricity production from solar panels.

Solar Energy Is Too Costly

In reality, if we look at figures from 2009 to 2015, solar panel investments have generally been on the rise as they become more affordable. Their total expenses have dropped by about 30%. Globally, generating electricity from solar energy is currently cheaper than it is from coal.

Installing Solar Is Quite Complicated

As long as you use a reputable manufacturer, installing the best solar panels is reasonably straightforward. The solar panels will only need to be washed with water to remove any accumulated dust, dirt, or snow stuck on them. Solar panels are built in a way that helps them to withstand harsh weather,  including hail and sleet. If you have a battery-based system, you will need more cleaning than one without it, but battery-free systems are more popular and cheaper than battery-based systems.

Solar Panels Cause Damage To Your Roof

The solar panel can be quickly removed if it needs to be fixed because it is not directly connected to the roof; each panel is only placed on top. Sealant is typically used to fill in the gaps if there are any gaps between the rooftop and the panels. In addition, the mounts are covered by “flashing” metal or coverings for an external safety shield. Before installing a new rooftop, always ensure your roof is damage-free.

Solar Panels Can Eliminate Grid Reliance

Solar panels effectively reduce your reliance on the grid and can make you independent from grid power. However, it’s always best to use power from the grid if there is a fault with your solar power system. Additionally, to rely entirely on solar power, you must make calculations and allocate a budget to have numerous solar panels installed. It is always preferable to have the option of using energy from the grid should you need it. Solar panels are best to reduce your reliance on the grid rather than eliminate it.

Solar Panels Require Costly Maintenance

Some people avoid installing solar panels due to the myth that solar panels require costly maintenance. However, solar panels only require a little maintenance. Most of your maintenance responsibilities for your panels lie in the cleaning process. You must keep your panels clean to ensure a direct flow of UV light. If there is dirt, or leaves, obstructing the panels, then you will not be receiving optimal light. You can use specialised, non-scratching cloths and squeegees to clean your solar panels and remove excess dirt.

Solar Panels Only Last A Few Years

Some people believe that solar panels last fewer than 10 years, which isn’t enough to receive adequate ROI on your solar energy investments. However, this is inaccurate. Solar panels are improving year-on-year; you can expect your solar panels to last for around 20 – 25 years before replacement is necessary. This is plenty of time to earn your money back with energy savings. If you sell your home during this time, the solar panels will add to the home’s value, so you will still receive ROI.

Solar Panel Prices Are Based On Your Home’s Size

The cost of solar panels is based on something other than the size of your home. The cost of your solar panels will depend entirely on your monthly energy usage and how much energy is required to power your home. You can calculate how many solar panels you will need by multiplying your household’s hourly energy requirement with the number of peak sunlight hours for your area. Divide this figure by the solar panel’s wattage to determine how many panels you will need for your home.

You Cannot Recycle Solar Panels

Some homeowners wonder whether solar panels are detrimental to the environment. However, you can recycle them. When your solar panels end their lifetime, you can contact your solar panel installer or manufacturer and enquire about their recycling schemes. Some manufacturers offer recycling schemes free of charge to promote sustainable practices.

Solar Panels Can Decrease Home Value

In the wake of the energy crisis, solar panels are a much sought-after feature for a home. Installing solar panels and decreasing monthly bills in your home will add immeasurably to your home’s value, and you will find that the interest in your home improves with this added perk.


If you’re considering solar panels, you must have information you can trust. By understanding the fact and fiction surrounding solar panels, you’re in a better position to make an informed decision.

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