SolarEdge are a global leader in smart solar technology with their inverters, power optimisers and full system monitoring. They now offer a full solar solution with the smart solar panel. These solar panels come with the SolarEdge power optimisers integrated on the panel.

SolarBright offers the SolarEdge 300W SPV300-60MMJ solar panel as part of the complete, smart residential solar offering from SolarEdge.

SolarEdge offer a complete grid to PV solution from one vendor, and the monitoring app gives you free. full, real-time visibility of the system performance down to the panel level.

This 6o-cell mono PERC panel has a 12-years warranty on product materials and workmanship, a 25 year performance output warranty, and the panel power optimsers have a full 25-year warranty on product materials and workmanship, giving you complete peace of mind when you choose a SolarEdge system.

The power optimisers optimise the energy of each panel by tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each panel individually overcoming the shortcomings of traditional solar string arrays.

The optimiser technology ensures the best possible power yield over the life of your solar system.

The SolarEdge panels with the SolarEdge inverters and smart monitoring give the smartest, most complete residential solar solution from a single vendor.

Click here for more information on the SolarEdge inverters and monitoring solution.

Quick Specs
  • 12 years warranty on product materials and workmanship on the panel and 25 years on the optimiser
  • 25 years output warranty on the panel
  • Features the SolarEdge power optimisers integarated with the panel to maximise system yield especially in shading situations.
  • Optimised energy output of each individual panel
  • Mitigation of all types of panel power losses
  • Module efficiency of 18.3%.
  • Panels tested 3600Pa rear load and 5400Pa front load

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