Key Features to Consider When Evaluating Commercial Solar Panels

Key Features to Consider When Evaluating Commercial Solar Panels

Are you considering solar panels for your business? Wondering what does ‘solar panel efficiency’ mean? How will it generate value for your business? Are there any other characteristics that should be considered when evaluating commercial solar panels? Well, read this blog to get all your questions answered!

What is Solar Panel Efficiency?

Solar panel efficiency is the amount of solar energy a solar panel is able to convert into electricity under ideal, laboratory-like conditions. Based on the type of technology used, Sydney solar panels used for commercial purposes are able to achieve a 20 to 24% efficiency rate on average.

Not all solar panels are the same, and they come with different watt rating and efficiency. With greater efficiency, you can generate more amount of power with fewer panels. Fewer panels also mean less space, low installation costs, maximum power output, and more. While you are saving money with fewer solar panels with high efficiency, there are also other factors that you must consider while evaluation commercial solar panels in Sydney.

The Durability of the Panels

The lifetime of your commercial solar panels is as important as its efficiency, especially when you are exposed to harsh Australian weather. Another important factor that must be considered along with durability is the degradation rate of the panels. Just like any other system, the performance of solar panels degrades over time. It’s estimated that a difference of even a tenth of a percentage point in annual degradation rate can have a great impact on the amount of energy your solar panels in Sydney produces during its lifetime.

The Performance of the Solar Panels

The efficiency of a solar panel is measure under lab-like circumstances, while the reality can be a little different. When these panels are installed on the roof exposed to extreme temperatures, they are unlikely to achieve their optimal efficiency, and the change in the efficiency rating depends greatly on your installation type and location. So, the solar companies in Sydney should be able to present you with the performance of the solar panels depending on the weather history in your area, the average amount of sunlight it receives, and more.

Warranty on Commercial Solar Panels

Generally, all solar panels come with typical product warranty coverage against damages, and a power warranty covering a minimum guaranteed power rating. The period of these two warranties can either be the same or different. When you evaluate the long-term financial benefits of your commercial solar panels, you must consider the costs associated with the product and power warranty claims. If both the power and product warranties aren’t concurrent, ask what will be covered by a power warranty covering a minimum guaranteed power rating.

The Bottom Line

Understanding and evaluating the solar panel efficiency is only the start of figuring out the best solar panel for your commercial solar panel installation project. You must also focus on other important features such as durability, degradation rate, and warranty to make informed decisions.

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