Factors That Affect the Solar Panel Efficiency

Factors That Affect the Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar energy is reliable and sustainable! In the long run, people who go solar will save thousands of dollars since the solar provides the energy that is more than enough throughout their lifetime. Moreover, going solar can save people from fossil fuel independence. It goes without saying the impact fossil fuel has on our environment, the primary greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

We are well aware of the benefits offered by going solar. Many solar companies claim that their solar products are efficient and beneficial. But, what about the performance of the solar panels Sydney? How efficient are solar panels? For the optimal efficiency of the solar panels, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration. By educating the factors that affect the solar panel efficiency, you could make informed decisions when you are looking for the best solar panels.

Here are the factors that affect the solar panel efficiency:-

The temperature

The temperature plays a significant role in the performance of the solar panels. Yes, temperature greatly influences the efficiency of the photovoltaic cell due to the inherent characteristic of the semiconductor material. Hence, the efficiency of solar panels increases when the temperature drops and vice versa.

Solar panel placement

Yes, it’s one of the significant factors that influence the solar panel efficiency. North-facing is the best direction to position your modules with the second thing being west, following the east. Why? Because north facing roofs can provide enough production of energy and help make the most of your solar panels. However, it depends on the location and facing of your house. That calls for strategic placement of the panels which only the installers are aware of. That’s one of the reasons why you need to let the professional install the solar panels Sydney.


The shade is the enemy of solar energy! Even a little amount of shade on the panel can shut down solar production on all other panels. This is because solar cells are connected in series, and will operate at the current level of the weakest cells. If one solar cell is affected, it will significantly affect the output of the other cells.


Yes, solar panels are extremely durable and last for 15-25 years. However, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to maximise the amount of light available to turn into electrical power.

The Orientation, Inclination, and Latitude of the place 

In order to take advantage of solar power, the orientation, the latitude of the place, and the inclination should be considered. The right consideration of these variants helps ensure to produce maximum energy.

These are the factors that greatly influence the performance of the solar panels. When it comes to solar panels for sale, it is essential to consider these factors to make the most of your solar power.

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