6 Reasons Why Tubular Skylights Are A Great Investment For Your Business

6 Reasons Why Tubular Skylights Are A Great Investment For Your Business

Skylights are a great way to enhance your space’s natural light and make energy savings. However, skylights aren’t suitable for every type of building due to differences in the roof structure. 

Find out why tubular skylights are an excellent investment for your business. We explain what a tubular skylight is and why installing tubular skylights will quickly generate ROI for your business.

What Are Tubular Skylights?

Tubular skylights are an alternative to regular skylights. To install regular skylights, you need ceilings not separated from the roof by attic space or structures. If you have attic space, you can install tubular skylights. 

Tubular skylights differ in shape from regular skylights. Instead of a pane of glass, a tubular structure is installed. It is filled with reflective lights that help the light pass down the tube. The tube can pass through your attic space and into your ceiling, flooding the room below. 

The rest of this post will discuss the numerous benefits of tubular skylights for businesses.

6 Reasons Why Tubular Skylights Are A Great Investment For Your Business

Below is a list of why tubular skylights might be the right choice for your business or commercial office space.

Saving Energy

Opting for a natural light source over electrically powered lighting can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. With the climate change crisis in full swing, businesses need to consider how to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their impact on climate change. Switching to natural light sources can spare a vast amount of wasted energy.

Saving Money

In addition to worrying about the climate crisis, businesses have a newly developed concern – energy prices. The fluctuation in energy prices can severely affect your business’s profitability. To combat fluctuating energy prices, you can consider switching to a renewable energy source by installing solar panels or making more minor and less expensive changes, like installing tubular skylights.

Suitable For All Building Types

Many businesses cannot use natural energy sources to light their office space due to the structure of the building. However, tubular skylights present a solution, as they are suitable for all building types and can traverse attic space to provide a bountiful supply of natural light. 

Providing Natural Light

Natural light is highly beneficial for general health and well-being. Many people find unnatural lighting unflattering and harsh on the eyes, particularly in commercial spaces. Providing more natural light for your employees in their workspaces will improve the feel of your office and can be more healthy, positively impacting your employees’ mental health and productivity levels. 


Not all businesses have the budget to install hefty renewable power solutions like solar panels for conserving energy. Tubular skylights are budget-friendly, allowing companies to reduce their reliance on artificial light sources and save energy – without needing to allocate a lofty budget.

Making Your Space Feel More Open

If your lighting systems produce dull or dim light, switching to natural light can do wonders for opening up your space. Dark and dimly lit places can feel smaller, less clean, and less open. Optimising the amount of light in your area can improve the space’s feel and make it more modern and bright. 

How Many Tubular Skylights Can You Install?

The number of tubular skylights you should install in your office space depends on the size of the area and the number of skylights the structure of the room can support. 

It is recommended to install one or two tubular skylights in the centre of the room for moderately sized rooms. To give you an idea of how much light your tubular skylights will produce, the wattage for a tubular skylight is between 300 and 1400 watts. The average lamp has around 60 watts. 

If you’re looking for a super bright space, we recommend installing as many tubular skylights as possible. As with windows, the surface area of the lights will dictate how much light they will let into the room.

What If You Can’t Install Tubular Skylights?

If tubular skylights aren’t suitable for your space due to the building having multiple stories, you might consider the benefits of a solar LED skylight. The solar LED skylight does not produce natural light but instead uses solar energy to power lights on a screen, creating the image of a regular skylight. 

Although the light is artificial, it can be preferable to a regular commercial lighting solution, as it is much more attractive. Some LED skylights are customisable, and you can select an image for the screen. 

The screen has wires that connect it to small solar panels attached to your roof. Even if your office building has multiple stories, you can install solar LED skylights.

Tubular Skylights Vs. Regular Skylights – Which Is Best?

When deciding between tubular skylights and regular skylights, it’s important to remember that the right solution depends on your commercial space’s structure. If you do not have a ceiling that connects to your roof, you won’t be able to install regular skylights. 

However, regarding the amount of light allowed into the room, regular skylights are more effective than tubular skylights. Additionally, standard skylights can open to allow for more ventilation in your space depending on your window type.

Regular skylights can become dirty or covered if placed underneath trees and need more maintenance and cleaning. Tubular skylights make an excellent and adaptable alternative to their standard counterparts.


To spare your business’s profit margins in light of the energy crisis and to lower your carbon footprint, you might consider installing skylights. When it comes to skylights,  you have a few options – tubular skylights, regular skylights, and LED skylights. The right choice for your building will depend on the structure of the building and your personal preferences. 

Curious to learn more about energy-efficient solutions for your business? Reach out to one of our solar experts at SolarPath for a chat. We’re here for all your energy-efficient needs!

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