How Can I Make The Most Of My Solar Panels?

How Can I Make The Most Of My Solar Panels?

Solar panels are an incredible invention that helps to power the property while owning the energy! Going solar is no more a buzz word, and it’s nothing new. It’s here in many homes and offices in Australia. If you are also planning to invest in solar power systems, there is no better time than now. For centuries, we have been using power at night as that’s when there’s a nuclear energy surplus. But, when it comes to solar panels, it’s an entirely different story. Whether you are planning to investment in solar panels or have one on your roof, you need to consume as much solar energy as possible when it’s abundance.

Here are a few tips and tricks to making sure you’re getting the most out of your solar panels:-

Place the solar panels smartly

Solar panel installation is a crucial factor in order to make the most out of it. Yes, the orientation and the angle of the panel must be right. Place the panels in such a way that they receive optimal sunlight throughout the year.

Utilise the sunlight

It is no secret that a solar panel generates energy using sunlight. Unlike conventional energy, they produce electric power only during the day. So, if you want to get optimum results from your solar panel system, use as much as power as you can under the sun. Recharge all your devices during the day for hours and put all your solar devices under sunlight for a full charge and make them ready for night use.

If you have inverters, it’s a good idea to recharge them properly during the day to minimise the wastage of power. Also, adjust the cooling and heating devices to the desired temperature during the day time so that you can turn them off during the night and avoid wastage of power.

Even if you want to use the solar generated electricity at night, access the energy stored in the battery.

Use one appliance

While you can use all the appliances with solar-generated energy, it’s best to use any one at a time you will be conserving your electricity. However, it depends on the type of solar system you have and the amount of electricity required for the appliances in your household. Take a shower after using your washing machine,    cooking before watching your favourite program, and using air conditioner only when you hit the bed are some of the ways you could save the generated energy efficiently.

Use a backup battery

One of the best ways to make the most of your solar power systems is to invest in the right solar battery systems. In fact, some solar-powered systems comes with a storage system that allows you to save energy during the day so that the energy can be used at night and keep the electricity usage at a minimum. Moreover, an added benefit of using the batter is that you’ll always have the power to use it, even during a blackout.

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