Can I Install Solar Panels On My House? The Top Questions To Ask

Can I Install Solar Panels On My House? The Top Questions To Ask

Only 0.1% of Australia’s energy consumption is provided by photovoltaic panels. If you consider your environmental impact and the steps you can take to combat global warming, solar panels might be the answer.

You can decrease your non-renewable energy consumption by installing solar panels in your home. But, how do you know if your home is viable for solar panel installation? Keep reading for all the questions you need to ask before investing in solar panels for your home.

The Advantages Of Installing Solar Panels On Your House

There are many advantages and benefits to installing solar panels on your house, meaning you should consider installing them.

Here are some of the major advantages of using solar power in your home:

  • Solar power can significantly reduce your monthly bills – when you install solar panels in your home, you reduce the amount of energy you need to buy from the grid. This means that your monthly bills are lessened.
  • Solar power can make your home more sustainable – when you use solar power, you are less reliant on energy that comes from non-renewable energy sources – those that have a detrimental effect on the environment.
  • You can sell power back to the grid – when you install a solar battery along with solar panels, you can store any energy you don’t use and sell it back to the national grid for extra cash.

However, before you receive these benefits from using solar power, you need to ask some questions regarding your home’s viability for solar panel installation.

Can You Install Solar Panels On Your House? Questions To Ask

Before you start your renewable energy commitment, there are a few questions you should ask to determine if your house is suitable for solar panel installation.

What Is Your Roof’s Structure?

There are many factors about your roof’s structure that will determine whether or not your roof is suitable for solar panels. These are the elements of your roof’s design to assess before considering solar panels for your home:

  • Orientation – the optimal roof orientation for solar panels is either a flat roof or a north-facing angled roof.
  • Roof material – you must ensure that your roof is not made with any materials containing asbestos. If your roof contains asbestos, there will be health and safety hazards that could prevent you from installing solar panels on your roof.
  • Angle – the angle of your solar panels can determine how effective they will be. The sun’s rays must hit your solar panels at a perpendicular or 90-degree angle. A roof pitch of around 35 degrees is ideal for those living in Australia.
  • Size – the size of your roof will determine how many solar panels you can install. If you’re looking to install many solar panels and have a primarily solar-powered home, you might struggle to do this with a small roof.
  • Loft space – you will need loft space to store your solar inverter, which is responsible for converting energy from your solar panels into energy that you can use to operate lights and devices throughout your home.

Before contacting your local Sydney solar panel installer, consider whether your roof is viable for solar panel installation or whether solar power may not be suitable for your particular home structure.

Is Your Roof Exposed To Sunlight?

If your home is positioned near trees or other buildings, this could mean that there is limited light exposure to your roof. If the light is blocked during significant portions of the day, this may mean that you won’t get the best return from your solar panel investment. You may be able to rectify the issue by sawing branches from trees, but if there is a building obstructing the sunlight, there may be no way to resolve this issue.


Solar panels are an accessible power source, allowing homeowners to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their household. If your home is viable for solar panel installation, contact SolarPath – your local solar panel installation company. Let us help you on your renewable energy journey!

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