5 Reasons Why 2023 Is The Year You Should Invest In A Solar Battery

5 Reasons Why 2023 Is The Year You Should Invest In A Solar Battery

When purchasing solar panels for your home, you need to consider the features and other systems you would like – including a solar battery.

But what is a solar battery, and why is it important?

Keep reading to learn about solar batteries, what they do, and why they are essential for your home’s solar system.

What Is A Solar Battery?

A solar battery is an optional feature you can install for your solar system. It allows you to store energy produced by your solar panels for later use or to sell back to the grid and make a profit.

Solar storage helps you maintain more independence from the grid by allowing you to use solar power outside sunlight hours. So, when your solar panels are not generating energy, you can still use solar energy to power your home.

First, you must decide on a product. The solar battery price is between $3,500 and $13,000, depending on the battery size you need to accommodate your solar system. You can discuss the options with your solar installation expert, who can point you toward the most suitable product. 

A solar battery is around the same size as a small carry-on luggage suitcase and will fit into your home easily. When it is installed, your solar panel installer will find the most suitable location for the panels that are as close to the central consumer unit as possible. You can place your battery in the loft, the stairs, or the garage. 

You can also choose how much storage capacity you need from your battery. Some products come with mobile applications that check how much energy is stored in your battery – allowing you to make more intelligent and energy-efficient choices around your home.

Benefits Of Installing A Solar Battery In Your Home

If you are still trying to decide whether you need a solar battery for your solar system, consider the benefits listed below.

Less Grid Reliance

When you invest in solar storage for your home, you do not need to worry about non-sunlight hours or seasons. When sunlight exposure is minimised, you can still power your home using solar energy. Your panels don’t produce any additional energy during this time, and you would need to rely on power from the grid otherwise. If you are planning to live off-the-grid, a solar battery is essential – ensuring you can light, heat, and power your home when the sun isn’t shining.

Selling Energy

When you store your excess energy in a battery, you can sell this energy back to the grid to turn a profit. Should you produce more energy than you need, you can sell it rather than sit with a full battery and waste energy. 

When you sell your energy back to the grid, please note that the payment you receive will not be a cash amount. Your energy provider will simply put the cost of the energy towards your monthly energy bill. This way, you can reduce your monthly overheads and put the money into your savings account for a rainy day.

Reduced Electric Bills

If you continuously rely on energy from the grid at night or when your solar panels are inactive, your energy bills may increase. In light of the recent cost of living crisis, homeowners are seeking new ways to become more energy independent. Solar batteries allow you to increase your independence and reduce your vulnerability to fluctuating energy prices – which have been financially devastating for many people worldwide.

If you can reduce your electric bills in any way, now is the best time to act. In 2023, you should consider adding a battery to your system to make drastic savings.

No Noise Pollution

You will suffer from noise pollution and fumes if you rely on a generator when your solar system is not generating power. The generator could become bothersome to your neighbours, and the noise could interfere with your sleep. Switching to a battery is the best option to reduce your generator use and ensure no noise pollution for you and your neighbours.

Greater Energy Insights

If you opt for a solar battery with mobile management features, you can access an interface that shows you precisely how much energy you have in storage. To get through long winter nights and ensure you have enough energy to last, you can compare the energy left in your solar battery with your hourly energy usage on your smart energy meter. 

This will allow you to turn off devices that are consuming too much energy, manage your energy use and avoid using power from the grid.

Why Is 2023 The Right Time To Buy A Solar Battery?

It is safe to say that we live in uncertain times with the recent pandemic, conflict, and energy crisis. In 2023, you must consider how to live more independently and reduce your vulnerability to global events. 

Since the energy generated by your solar panels is free, you can generate significant savings without worrying about how much energy you use each month. Many people are reducing their energy usage and limiting their use of AC systems, heating, and lighting to save money – with a solar system and battery system; you don’t need to worry.


If you’re considering upgrading your solar power system and installing a solar battery – now is the best time. You can reduce your vulnerability to fluctuating energy prices and have more independence in your energy supply. If you’re interested in learning more about solar batteries or have committed to purchasing one – reach out to our friendly team of experienced solar installers here at SolarPath.

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