Should You Switch To Solar Energy?

Should You Switch To Solar Energy?

Solar energy is nothing new. But, only now are we ready to accept the transition to a low-carbon economy due to the consciousness of fossil fuels and their impacts on the environment, which is a significant cause of global warming. Thanks to the continuous innovation in solar energy technology!

As the cost of solar energy in Sydney continues to fall, many households are turning to renewable electricity sources. Residential solar is the most affordable and abundant of these. But, should you also switch to solar energy? Here are some of the valuable reasons why should you consider solar energy in Sydney:-

A Free Source of Energy

The sun gives us more energy which is free. Of course, there is an initial outlay and solar panel installation cost. But, once solar panels are installed on your roof, you could achieve the independent energy status and save a lot of money, that would otherwise go into the energy company’s pocket. Unlike other energy sources, you can’t run out of solar energy. Solar energy is accessible and free as long as we live.

Better For Environment

With solar energy, you could significantly reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Yes, unlike other energy sources, solar power has the least negative impact on the environment. Solar energy doesn’t emit greenhouse gases nor does it pollute the water. Besides, it requires very little water for maintenance compared to nuclear plants that need 20X times more water. Go green is trending! We have abused mother earth as much as possible. If you want to bring changes, be the change. Even if no one has installed a solar panel in your community, don’t hesitate to go solar.

Reduce Energy Bill

Do you know using solar panels instead of relying on utility company can reduce the energy bill by up to 50% per month? Yes, if you are generating your own electricity, you’ll be saving a lot of money. When you have solar panels, most of the energy generated from the sun could be used to power your house, except when there is rain or thunderstorms. Only in such situations, regular electricity provided through the local electricity company will be used as a backup. So, obviously, you could save on your electricity bills.

Low Maintenance

Grid-connected solar PV systems require low maintenance. With a regular check-up by a licensed professional and occasional cleaning, a solar panel could last around 25 years. It’s the inverter that will require replacement at least once in that period.

As you see, there are many good reasons why you need to switch to solar energy. Need more information on solar panels in Sydney? Contact our team. We provide a comprehensive quote without any hidden costs.

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