Designed in conjunction SolaX, the Triple Power solar battery solution offers safety and reliability within a small footprint and compact battery size.

The Triple Power battery is compatible with the SolaX inverters and is a DC coupled battery available in a 4.5kWh (T45 model) and 6.3kWh (T64 model) capacities. The first Triple Power battery installed is teamed with a Master Box which can then control another 3 batteries of the same capacity as the first Triple Power unit installed.

This an easy, modular, almost “plug and play” solution to increasing your home or business solar battery storage capacity to maximum of 25.2kWh capacity with 4 x 6.3kWh battery modules. The Triple Power modules are installed in series giving a flexible solar battery solution.

With a 10-year warranty and 90% depth of discharge the Triple Power solar battery is a flexible and high-performance energy storage solution perfect for residential and light industrial use.

Quick Specs
  • DC Coupled, high voltage battery
  • Compatible with SolaX inverters
  • 4.5kWh (T43 model) capacity, expandable to 18kWh
  • 6.3kWh (T65 model) capacity, expandable to 25.kWh
  • 90% depth of discharge
  • 3kW maximum power, 2.5kW standard continuous
  • 95% round trip efficiency
  • Energy meter supplied battery with ethernet connectivity to enable power use and consumption monitoring
  • 10 Yr/6000 cycles warranty
  • IP55 ingress rating
  • Hardware and software safety protection

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