Tips on Choosing a Solar Panel Company

Tips on Choosing a Solar Panel Company

Solar panels are a long-term investment. This is why finding the right one for your home requires due diligence, and a thorough vetting procedure. But how do you pick from the dozens of solar energy companies? If you feel overwhelmed by your options or are not sure how to get started, use this helpful guide below to find the right solar supplier.

Create a List of Available Solar Providers

The best way to compare solar panel companies is to build a database that includes information of all potential suppliers. Compile a list of available solar providers near you using a single Word document, or with a paper sheet and a pen. Make sure to include both the small, local and national businesses that serve your area.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Local Installer

It’s important to be aware of the differences between choosing a local business and a national company when looking at your options. Larger companies are typically more reputable and can propose a variety of services. However, they will also require a premium payment for said services. On the other hand, local businesses are more likely to be more familiar with the rebates and permit requirements in your state. As they serve fewer locations and clients, the process can move a lot faster, potentially allowing you to discuss pricing quotes, servicing and installation appointments sooner.

Check Company Credentials

In most cases, company experience is far more important than the size of the company. Make sure to look through their websites to see their industry experience. Check the number of solar panel systems they have built, and investigate the styles of roofing that every company has successfully worked on. In addition to experience, note the credentials of each company in your document for comparison. Most businesses list certifications online, but if you can’t find it on the company site, you can contact solar companies Sydney to inquire about certificates.

Read Reviews

All of the world’s certifications and experience won’t matter as much if the company isn’t treating its clients well. Going solar is difficult. There is a lot to do including obtaining the proper permits, selecting the right sized panels, applying for federal or state tax credits and much more. You want to work with an approachable and helpful business. Using your document, take note of the general impression you get from your discussions as this will make it easier to remember your concerns with an organisation.

Review Each Company’s Financing Options

It’s important to weigh up your financial options and methods of payment, to ensure the company you choose is someone you feel comfortable partnering with. Whether it is upfront or with installment plans, explore which solar companies Sydney offer suitable financial support and are willing to work within your means.

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