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How Does Roof Ventilation Help Maintain Our Houses?

Roof ventilation plays a significant role in the construction of houses, buildings and other forms of infrastructure. Roof vents are effective installations that regulate the temperature within your property. Having proper ventilation prevents too much heat and building up of moulds that can eventually cause damage to your roof and other roofing materials.

Different Types of Roof Vents

There are many different kinds of roof vents such as the ridge vent, soffit vent, cupola vent and gable intake vent. However, the most commonly used roof vent is the turbine vent or what we sometimes called as the whirlybird. It is like a spinning dome that is commonly installed on the roof of industrial buildings.

Roof vents are not just important to our houses but also to our daily lives. There are so many factors that can damage our roofs; weather, wind, debris, critters and UV rays to name a few. This is why we have to reach out to the best ven companies as they are experts in this matter.

Factors That Can Damage the Roof

The weather and temperature in Australia is extreme. Summers in Australia can reach around 20°C to 35°C temperature on the average. On top of this high temperature, your summers can be hotter with the humidity reaching up to 65%. In contrast to summer, during the winter the temperature plays around 3°C to 20°C. These factors alone will surely affect the shingles of your roofing leading to mould accumulation and roof brittleness.

Even the comfortability of being in your house will be affected. Don’t sacrifice the convenience of living in a comfy home. The different solar roof ventilation systems are there to make our lives easier. The maxbreeze solar powered roof ventilation will smartly ease your worries about possible problems you might encounter due to poor roof ventilation.

By installing solar powered roof ventilation, you will surely reap immense benefits. It will truly help the roof and house to be secured from any damages.

Reduced Electricity Bills: Top Benefit From Solar Roof Vents

With technological advancements throughout the years, we now have powered roof vents as compared to the traditional cupolas that we used to regulate roof temperature in the past.  Most roof vents are effective, but they use electricity to run. It will then increase our electric bill.

No worries. There is still a way for you to install a powered roof vent without blowing your electricity bill up so high. We now have solar roof ventilation  systems, which are roof vents that are powered by the sun.

The great thing about this kind of solar powered roof vent is that it will help you save electricity by at least 30%. Besides being solar generated, one of the reasons why it will help you save energy is that these roof vents operate very smartly. It will immediately start as soon as its sensor picks up high temperature inside the roof.

In addition to lowering the electricity bill, the  solar panels help the environment. How? Since the solar panels generate energy from the sun, it doesn’t give off carbon dioxide that can result in global warming.

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4 Reasons Every Home Needs a Solar Powered Roof Ventilation

Are you looking for a cost effective way to keep your house cool during summer? Well, here’s the right solution for you – solar powered roof fans. When looking for ways to bring down the interior temperature of a house, residents often overlook the concept of Solar roof ventilation. So, what exactly does solar roof ventilation contribute to your house? Read on to find out.

What is Solar Powered Roof Ventilation?

Solar-powered roof ventilation refers to the process of improving the air circulation in the roof cavity, and reducing the build-up of heat and moisture with the help of solar roof fans. Besides being able to cool down your house, a solar roof fan can significantly improve the life of the roof.

4 Benefits of Solar Powered Roof Ventilation:

Here are some of the great ways solar roof ventilation is helpful for you:

  • Prevents Build-Up of Heat & Moisture:

The roof of our house is meant to protect us from the sunrays. With continuous exposure to sunlight, the roof of your house will collect heat and pushes it down to your interior living space. The best way to combat this issue is by installing a solar-powered roof fan. It works to prevent heat build-up at the source that is the attic. By driving away excess heat during summer, and moisture build-up during winter, you will experience great comfort in your house.

  • They Are Ecofriendly:

An obvious advantage of using a solar-powered roof fan is it doesn’t require electricity to run. By utilising the power of solar energy, the roof fan will serve its purpose without emitting greenhouse gases. Not requiring electricity means that you are also reducing your dependency on fossil fuels. Solar energy is sustainable and limitless, thus making it the perfect power source for roof ventilation.

The Maxbreeze solar powered roof ventilation comes with an optional energy storage battery, which allows the unit to operate at night!

  • Increases Your Monthly Savings:

A solar roof fan can reduce your expenses every month. As mentioned above, solar fans can protect your roof and extend its life. Besides preventing frequent roof repairs and replacements, you also get to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Now that’s a lot of dollars saved already!

  • Easy to Set Up:

What makes solar roof fans appealing is that it takes less than an hour to install and use. Since it is powered by solar energy, no complicated electric wiring is required. They are also available in different sizes, thus making it compatible for different types of roofs.

Are you interested in knowing how solar roof ventilation Sydney can cool down YOUR home on budget? Get in touch with the experts today.

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