Know the Advantages of Rooftop Solar Panels

Know the Advantages of Rooftop Solar Panels

Are you thinking about going green? Installing solar panels on the roof top is a great way to cut your energy expenses and save more power. Solar panel on the roof also reduces carbon emissions and minimises your dependence on fossil fuels. Below we’ve compiled a few benefits of installing solar panel on the roof.


Solar power systems harness the power of the sun, and by installing them, you are reducing your carbon footprint and increasing renewable energy generation.

Reduce Your Utility Bills

When you get solar power systems installed on your rooftop, you can reduce your energy bills. The amount you will save depends on the size of the panel and your electric usage. Installing solar panels for the house not only helps you in reducing your electric bills but also grants you income for any surplus power you generate by supplying it to the grid. It’s termed as ‘feed-in-tariff’.

Increase the Value of Your Property

Installing a solar power system to your rooftop increases the value of your property. For example, if you install a solar panel of 5kW, it could add approximately $29,000 to the value of a house.

Low Maintenance

Generally, solar panels don’t require a lot of maintenance, and all you have to do is to keep them clean. In addition to the initial cost of installation, you can expect minimal spending on maintenance and repair work.

Save You from Power Outages

When you rely on the electricity supplied by the power grid, you are susceptible to the power outages experienced by the grid. However, solar system for home has a battery system for power storage and use, so you will not lose power during a power outage. It will continue to supply power to your building’s electrical system for as long as the sun is shining and your battery backups are functioning correctly.

Low Installation Cost

Unlike other systems, solar panels are incredibly affordable. Nowadays the costs have reduced by a whopping 23% comparative to the last five years. You can also now finance your solar panels with a loan, buy it outright with cash, and more.

Solar energy is a reliable source of power, and you can count on it for your residential or commercial use. Make sure to choose designs that adhere to any rebates or incentives that you may wish to use to help you make your panels more affordable.

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