Factors that Influence the Cost of Solar Panel Installation

Factors that Influence the Cost of Solar Panel Installation

In the renewable energy industry, solar energy is one of the most accessible energy sources. More and more home owners are realising that tapping into the infinite energy provided by the sun has various benefits including significant savings on energy prices and environmental sustainability. However, solar energy’s increasing popularity has given rise to concerns about the cost of installing solar panels in Sydney. There are many variables that influence the solar panels cost in Sydney, here are some of them:

Roof Type

It is necessary to angle the solar panels, so that they can get full exposure to the sun. This is not a problem when the roof is right-angled but it could be an issue if the roof is flat. In such situations, the contractor would have to construct a frame in order to angle the panels. The kind of roof you have will play a role in the cost since different materials require different kinds of structures to support the panels.

Age Of The Roof

If your roof needs replacement, it makes sense to replace the roof before you mount the solar panels. This is because the installer must remove the panels when the time comes for you to actually repair the roof. Rather than incur this expense and discomfort, it is better to only get the roof replaced while the panels are being installed. Before an installation, the need to replace the roof means that the total installation of solar panels cost in Sydney increases.

Structural Issues

This is closely linked to the age of the roof, and relates to the cost of the solar panel system in the same way. You may be forced to deal with these before you can have your new roof installed. You may have to re-install the panels if you don’t do this beforehand. Neglecting to fix structural issues could lead to permanent damage to the solar panels or wiring.

License Cost

In certain areas, this procedure might cause the contractor to pay more than the normal cost as they spend more time to obtain the license. In this scenario, the contractor would pass on the extra costs of the regulatory process to you as the homeowner. This will then upsurge the overall cost that you have to pay for the installation.

System Monitoring

It is possible to set up certain systems in such a way that the home owner can control how the solar energy system functions. These tracking and monitoring systems are excellent, but the added expense of the tracking system could push up the overall installation cost.

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