Are Solar Panels Worth Investing?

Are Solar Panels Worth Investing?

When summer is in full swing, that sweltering heat could be so annoying. While it is possible to manage with the air conditioner when it gets hot and sweaty outside, there’s nothing worse than receiving high electricity bill due to overuse of AC. But, that’s something solar homeowners don’t have to worry about. Yes, with solar panels, you could generate your own power and save money on electricity bills.

But, the solar panels cost Sydney could be the major concern for many homeowners who wanted to install solar panels. Let’s take a look into it:-

How much do solar panels cost?

Well, solar panels cost in Sydney varies from one home to another as there is no such thing one-size-fits-to-all. The cost of solar panels depends on several factors, including the size, layout of the home, location, and electric requirements. The average cost to install solar panels is anywhere from $15000 to $25000. However, solar panel maintenance is fairly minimal and come with a warranty of 15 to 25. Hence, it should give you peace of mind that you won’t have to spend a lot of money into the solar panels beyond the initial investment.

Are solar panels a good choice for my home?

Indeed! Although a solar panel is a significant investment upfront, it can more than pay for itself. Besides, solar panels add value to the home. When you sell the property, the chances are high that you’ll get good deals. If you want to figure whether solar panels are worth the investment, compare the lifetime cost of your utility power against the cost of going solar. However, you need to have a solar installation company come to your place and do the assessment to determine whether or not you’ll be benefited from solar panels.

Here are a few steps to determine whether or not going solar is good for you:-

Determine your current electricity cost

Find out how much you are spending for utility power annually and the average energy usage over 12 months. Then, calculate the lifetime cost of energy bills.

Evaluate your sunlight exposure

If the sunlight exposure is more, more energy will be produced and a higher potential to save with solar. The amount of sun rays your home receives, home’s orientation of the sun and the roof type are the significant factors that affect a solar system’s output. So, you need to evaluate it before investing.

Estimate the solar panel size and installation cost

Next thing you have to do is determining the solar panel size and the estimated amount it will cost for installation. Don’t forget to research the solar incentives and rebates available in your state as they help reduce the overall cost by 50% or more than that. Some utilities offer cash rebates for customers who go solar.

As you see, research well before looking for solar panels for sale. Of course, solar panels are worth investing. But, it would be best if you figure out how worth are they and what’s the ROI for solar panels.

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